Chace Crawford

18 July 1985, Texas, USA
29 years

Carrie Underwood
Chace Crawford plays Nate Archibald on the hit tv-series Gossip Girl. He is a talented American footbal player and golfer. He used to work as a model. Chace used to date singer Carrie Underwood.

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Chace Crawford - Hot even on his Mug Shot!

Monday 10:18 AM, 07/06/2010
Mel Gibson Mickey Rourke Chris Klein Heather Locklear Robert Downey Jr. Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Mischa Barton Snoop Dogg Hugh Grant
As most people know by now, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested this past weekend for possession of marijuana. We guess underneath that angel face is a bit of a bad boy, we always thought so! We have just found Chace's mug shot from the arrest in New York on Friday night and we have to say, he is still hot, even when he is obviously angry, embarrassed and wearing one of those horrible orange prison jumpsuits! We also found some other famous celebrity mug shots for you to enjoy, who can forget when Hugh Grant, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan made headlines for their scandals?! Take a look!
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The CW Has the Hottest Stars!

Friday 10:38 PM, 21/05/2010
Connor Paolo Ian Somerhalder Jay Manuel Paul Wesley Love her style! Chase Crawford Nigel Barker Vampire sexiness Lyndsy Fonseca, Shane West and Maggie Q. AnnaLynne McCord Nina Dobrev
The CW network held a party for all its stars last night and we couldn't stop staring at all the hotness on the red carpet! As you know, shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Gossip Girl America's Next Top Model and The Vampire Diaries are all on the CW so that means AnnaLynne McCord, Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder all in one place! Wow!
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Gossip Girl Spoiler Alert: Season Finale Secrets & Season 4 Scoop!

Tuesday 11:45 AM, 11/05/2010
Secrets! Chace Crawford hotness! Will they or won't they?
Ok so you know the deal by now, we have some pretty hot scoop about what is coming up for the big finale of Gossip Girl and about the upcoming season 4 so if you don't want to know, stop reading this now!

So we just heard that the season finale is a total shock fest! It will include: a threesome, someone leaving the show, a mini-time jump, an engagement ring, a shooting, a birth and a huge shocking OMG twist with Michelle Trachtenberg's character returning plus Blair(Leighton Meester) putting Lil Jenny(Taylor Momsen) in her place! Wow! We bet you are just as excited as we are now!

Ok and now for the next season news: It has been confirmed that at least 3 characters, Serena(Blake Lively), Blair(Leighton Meester) and Chuck(Ed Westwick) will be in Paris for the first episodes of season 4 and the cameras are following them! So we finally get to see a litte bit of The Upper Eastsiders fabulous holidaying in Europe! Paris baby! Yay! (Source: EW and NYMagazine)
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Hot like no other

Gossip GirlSpecial: Whose the hottest Gossip Girl Guy?

Thursday 5:02 PM, 25/03/2010
Chuck has the most elegant style A real businessman! Dan Humphrey has more relaxed style Nate is sporty hot! But sometimes Dan is inspired to be stylish like Chuck too! Super stylish! What a battle - who is the hottest? Checks are a favourite of Dan's Ooohh wow! He has the best hair! Spooked? Lucky Leighton Meester has got to kiss both Nate and Chuck as her character Blair! So good in a suit! We love Chuck's preppy exclusive looks Whats going to happen with Serena and Nate? Cool! Sexy! There is that look... Wow! We don't always approve of Dan's looks A man in uniform.... Summer Dan Mystery Nate
For so many nights we have sat and enjoyed watching the Gossip Girl hunks on our screens! Pretty boy Nate, smart Dan and sexy Chuck! They all have such different styles, personality and backgrounds, but they are all so hot in their own way! The big question is, which of them would you most like to date? Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey or Chuck Bass? Check out these pics and decide!


who is your favourite?

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Hot like no other

Gossip Girl Special: The Spotlight on Serena!

Thursday 5:00 PM, 18/03/2010
Blake and Ed Westwick filming a scene from the last season. Look at that fab jacket! She rocks the simple jeans, sexy top and jacket look! Golden girl! Sexy and rocking a bit of boho-chic! We love her partygirl look! There are lots of tunics in this girl's wardrobe! Dramatic yellow and black for season 2 Hot in a purple mini! Remember the catwalk walk for Blair's mom´?! A classic military-chic jacket She is so hot! Serena the godess! A perfect look for her, especially with hottie Chace Crawford by her side! Love this brown leather jacket too! Typical Serena! Sexy! We loved her summer dresses too! A sneak peak at Serena's upcoming wardrobe! Love this! Those gloves are hot! The schoolgirl look! Wow, she looks fantastic in green! That "just out bed" look really works for her! Elegant! Shopping! Trendy! We loved this playsuit and millions of girls copied this look! Her bags are to die for! The vest and Tee look is great for her body shape! We can't think of anyone who wouldn't love her style!
We never stop being inspired by Gossip Girl! The last of the latest season is in full swing and we are continuing with our Gossip GIrl Special! Last time we showed the changing face of Blair Waldorf's (Leighton Meester) wardrobe over the first few seasons and today its Serans Van Der Woodsen's (Blake Lively) turn! Serena's style is more trendy and daring than Blair's and she is definitely the IT girl of fashion on the show. Have a look at some of her past outfits!
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Mischa Barton Goes Blonde!

Wednesday 6:31 PM, 17/02/2010
Ooh she looks scared! We love it!
Oooh we love a dramatic makeover! Mischa Barton went to the Byron & Tracey Hair Salon in Los Angeles yesterday and dyed her hair a much lighter golden blonde! She looked pretty nervous at first, but in the end she was excited when it was all done up and styled! We think she looks fab whatever her hair colour is! Could the new hair colour be for the rumoured movie ( Upstate ) she is supposed to be shooting with Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford? We will have to wait and see, but in the mean time its going to be fun to watch how Mischa styles her brand new hair colour!
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