Céline Dion wants to be the best mom ever!

Celine Dion performs live
As you may remember, French singing sensation Céline Dion gave birth to twins in October! For many celebrities, having twins would simply mean squeezing in a few cuddle sessions every now and again, but Céline wants to do it the hard and traditional way - being a full time mom! In a recent interview with the French magazine Gala, she said that she's refusing to hire any form of nanny!

She explained, "I didn't have these children to not take care of them, to give myself to them 200 - 300 per cent. I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and that's something where no one can take my place. It's tiring but an intense joy. I take things day by day. That?s the secret to me"

She does admit to have help in other areas though. Her sister Linda and mother Therese takes care of all the housework, cooking or doing the Shopping. In other words, the three of them does all that any normal mom usually has to juggle by her self! Oh well, at least she's more dedicated than a lot of other celebrity moms!
Celine Dion brown fur coat gray leggings black boots
Celine Dion waving
Celine Dion brown fur coat gray leggings black boots
Celine Dion performs live
Celine Dion signing autographs
Source: WENN.com
Published Jan 9 2011 11:05 AM
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