Celebrity rumors

Feb 12 8:33 AM

Bruce Jenner Has Revealed His Female Name!

Bruce Jenner, 65, recently agreed to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer about his new life as a woman...

Feb 11 11:30 AM

Leonardo DiCaprio Smooching With Model In Front of Rihanna!

Not long ago at all it was rumored that Rihanna, 26, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, was the hottest new couple in Hollywood...

Feb 11 8:27 AM

Bobbi Kristina to Die on the Same Day as Whitney Houston!

The relatives of Bobbi Kristina Brown have now decided to take her off life support and it will happen today, on the same date as her mother Whitney Houston died...

Feb 10 3:07 PM

It's Official: Bruce Jenner is Taking Hormones!

After the fatal car accident that Bruce Jenner, 65, was involved in during the weekend he revealed to hospital workers that he is taking hormones to get bigger breasts...

Feb 4 11:38 AM

Bruce Jenner's Mom Confirming Rumors and is Proud of Her Son!

Bruce Jenner's mom, Esther, recently told Radar Online that she and Bruce has had a long talk about his sex change and she says that she couldn't be any more proud of him...

Feb 3 10:09 AM

The Infected Family Fight After the Death of Robin Williams!

The widow of Robin Williams, Susan Schneider, is right now in an infected family fight with Robin's children, TMZ reports...

Feb 3 8:32 AM

Bobbi Kristina Brown Showing Signs of Improvement!

As we have reported about earlier, Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina was found close to dead in her bathtub during the weekend...

Feb 2 3:14 PM

Heidi Montag's Dad Under Arrest for Sexual Abuse!

Heidi Montag's dad has been arrested after accusations of sexually abusing a girl from when she was only 13 years old...

Feb 2 11:34 AM

Whitney Houston's Daughter - Damaged Brain Function After Bathtub Incident!

Bobbi Kristina (the daughter of Whitney Houston) was found face down in her bathtub this Saturday...

Jan 29 3:02 PM

New TV Series About Bruce Jenner's Journey In the Works!

Bruce Jenner, 65, is currently shooting a TV series about his life and the changes that he's going through, according to TMZ...