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Jessica Biel In the Next Batman Movie?!

Thursday 12:53 PM, 13/01/2011
We love him as Batman! Can Jessica pull it off?
The new Batman movie is in the works! Christian Bale will play Batman again in the next movie and its going to be called "The Dark Knight Rises". There are a lot of rumors flying around about who else will be starring and one of the biggest questions is - who will be Batman's love interest! We are hearing it could be Jessica Biel! Both Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal have played opposite Christian, do you think Jessica would be a good choice? Vote or tell us in the comments who you think would be better as Vicki Vale?(Huffington Post)


Jessica Biel in the new Batman movie?

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Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?!

Tuesday 2:17 AM, 11/01/2011
Hmmm.... Looking bigger Khloe..... The classic, cover your bump with a bag trick?
Now that Khloe Kardashian and her husband pro baller Lamar Odem are going to be shooting their own reality TV show, the rumors have started about what its going to be all about. We think maybe its about the couple having a baby!

Khloe lost a whole lot of weight last year while on the QuickTrim diet, but lately she has been looking a bit more plump again. Is it just love that made her forget her diet, or could there already be a bunny in that oven? She is not saying anything until the tv show airs later on this year, but look at these pictures from the last week and tell us what you think!
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Jennifer Aniston Has a Crush on Adrien Brody?!

Tuesday 7:26 PM, 04/01/2011
Be careful Jen! Edgy cool Adrien... would he go for her?
We don't know if this is true or not, but its a funny idea! We hear Jennifer Aniston has her eye on a brand new man and he is totally her type! Its Adrien Brody, he is talented, a little bit weird and definitely a bad boy!

The story is that Jen and Adrien met at a Hollywood Christmas party recently and she was flirting with like mad, typical her, rubbing her hands down his back and staring into his eyes with a naughty smile....we can just imagine her! Will he be the next guy to break Jen's heart? We will have to wait and see, but we think definitely maybe! (Read this hilarious prediction on Lainey Gossip of how she thinks their romance will go down!)
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Ryan Reynolds Rebounding with Sandra Bullock?!

Tuesday 1:32 PM, 04/01/2011
They definitely had chemistry!
There were rumors about how close Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock became while filming their hit romantic comedy "The Proposal" a year or so back ...READ MORE ▶
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Is Selena & Justin sharing a hotel room?

Thursday 12:04 PM, 30/12/2010
Ooh la la! It seems teen stars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber do a lot more together than just have friendly walks in the park! According to inside...READ MORE ▶
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Did Usher steal from The Simpsons?

Wednesday 8:40 PM, 29/12/2010
This is just too funny if it's true! A group of Mississippi based DJs have recently discovered undeniable similarities between Usher's hit song "Om...READ MORE ▶
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