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Irina Said Yes to Cristiano Ronaldo!

Monday 2:34 PM, 28/02/2011
Hot hot hot! Too sexy for their shirts!
It was a very special Valentine's Day for Football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his gorgeous model girlfriend Irina Shayk! We hear Cristiano flew all the way to New York to see Irina on the special day and then got down one knee and did the whole romantic thing. Sweet! Of course she said yes and rumor is there might even be a baby on the way....watch this space for the bump watch! (AllVoices)
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Beyonce & Jay-Z Separating - Say It isn't So?!

Tuesday 1:02 PM, 15/02/2011
They are so amazing together!
We really hope this is one rumor that is not true at all! We just hear that one of our favorite couple's Jay-Z and Beyonce may be living on opposit...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Date Alert: Jen Aniston & Jake Gyllenhaal!

Monday 3:50 PM, 14/02/2011
Hot kiss!
Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 42nd birthday this past weekend in New York City and you won't believe who here date for the night was?! The two of them were spotted with friends celebrating Jennifer at the "Spotted Pig" restaurant and spies say that Jen was all over Jake! There have been rumors about these two before when they filmed "The Good Girl" together and we all know that Jen loves younger men and Jake has an eye for the older ladies, so why not? They are both single right now, they could be the next hot thing!(Life&Style)
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Breaking News!

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn's Secret Affair!

Thursday 5:59 PM, 10/02/2011
He is old! Does Scarlett have a thing for old guys?
Do you think Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn is one of those hot older men types? We hear that recently single Scarlett Johansson does! Friends have ...READ MORE ▶
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Miley Cyrus Is Putting On Weight!

Sunday 5:29 PM, 06/02/2011
We spotted Miley Cyrus exiting a Coffee Bean shop in Toluca Lake yesterday, and we couldn't help but notice that she was looking much plumper than usual! She has definitely put on a little bit of weight, but we suppose it wasn't exactly helping the picture that she was carrying lots of sweet beverages... Either way it's nice to see a young star with a healthy body image. Kudos to you Miley!
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Is Zac Efron Moving On Already?!

Saturday 5:26 PM, 05/02/2011
Zac with his High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Teresa Palmer Teresa with her ex, Russell Brand
Wow, we wonder how Vanessa Hudgens feels about this? Apparently the newly single Zac Efron has been hanging around with Russell Brands ex, actress Teresa Palmer lately. On Thursday he accompanied her to a screening of her upcoming movie in Los Angeles and afterwards they were spotted cuddling it up on a after party at the Pink Taco restaurant. However the date didn't end there, a while later they headed to the Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood where they spent the rest of the night flirting like they were the only two people in the world!

A source said, "There was definitely some hand-holding. The two ate together and seemed really engaged in conversation. They seemed really into each other. They weren't trying to hide their affection at all, even though they knew people were watching them."

Hmm... We wonder if he's just rebounding a little bit or if he's actually into this girl? Who are you rooting for - team Zanessa or team Zaresa? Vote!


Zanessa or Zaresa?

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