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Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis' PDA at MTV Movie Awards!

Monday 6:02 PM, 06/06/2011
Tender moment!
Did you guys happen catch the MTV Movie Awards last night? Don't worry if you didn't, we've got the most memorable moment for you right here. When presenting the award for best male actor, Friends With Benefits co-stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis tried to put out the rumors of romance once and for all - by grabbing each others private parts in front of millions of viewers! Hah!

Justin said, "Mila and I have never dated… Totally platonic relationship, which is why I can do this", and then he placed his hands on her breasts. Mila, keeping a straight face, responded, "And it's why I can do this..." before before grabbing Justin’s crotch.

Hilarious! But is this really the best way to end the rumors? If anything we think it'll spark them!
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What's Up with Katie Holmes' Belly?

Sunday 12:05 PM, 08/05/2011
She looks a bit rugged... We hope nothing is wrong with her.
We spotted Katie Holmes out shoe shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills yesterday, and the crave-worthy shoes definitely weren't the only things that caught our eye! Katie was sporting a huge belly bump! We don't know whether to put it down as weight gain, a big meal or a possible pregnancy. Seeing as she has previously said how much Suri would love a little brother or sister to play with, it is more than possible that she actually is with child. What do you guys think?
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Breaking News!

Did Candice Swanepoel do Naughty Things to Zac Efron?!

Tuesday 5:10 PM, 19/04/2011
In front of his friends? Really?!
If this rumor is true, Zac Efron has definitely not been crying over Vanessa Hudgens and Victorias Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel needs to think ab...READ MORE ▶
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Is Bradley Cooper Rebounding With Jennifer Aniston?

Sunday 9:42 AM, 17/04/2011
Just a month after his break up with Renée Zellweger, Bradley Cooper is rumored to be moving on with his former flirt, Jennifer Aniston. Brad and J...READ MORE ▶
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Nicole Richie Is Upset Over Pregnancy Rumors!

Saturday 5:09 PM, 09/04/2011
Rumors recently surfaced that Nicole Richie was pregnant with her third child when she was spotted sporting what appeared to be a slight baby bump the other week. The photos were snapped when she was on her way to the gym, so really we don't see how anyone could make the connection that she's pregnant, but never the less the rumors started and Nicole was understandably upset. She even went so far as to lash out to the press!

In a statement to UsMagazine.com, she said, "Contrary to recent speculation, I am not pregnant. This irresponsible reporting continues to feed an atmosphere of self-doubt and insecurity. To publicly point out a change in anyone's body is mean spirited and cruel. People's bodies change and change again. This is not newsworthy and is a waste of valuable media space that should be used for more important issues."

Check out these recently snapped photos of Nicole hitting the gym. Do you think the rumors were justified?
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Say Its Not True Kate Winslet!

Friday 5:18 PM, 18/03/2011
He is so gross! We hope its a lie!
John Mayer is one of the famous Hollywood players, his thing seems to be kind sad, vulnerable Hollywood stars like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, but what is Kate Winslet doing with him? We thought she was smarter than that! After her divorce she dated hot male model, Louis Dowler but since their breakup, maybe she has become a bit desperate....why else would she be rumored to be dating a douch like John?!(Celebitchy)
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