Time To Scream Again!

Tuesday 5:00 PM, 12/04/2011
Time To Scream Again!

Scream originals Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox
Kristen Bell

Anna Paquin

Rory Culkin

Rory Culkin
Marley Shelton

Marley Shelton
Eli Roth; Marilyn Manson

David Cook

Emma Roberts

Eli Roth

Marilyn Manson, Shenae Grimes

Balthazar Getty

Freddie Highmore

Hayden Panettiere

David Arquette and his interesting dates!

David Arquette and his interesting dates!
Rosanna Arquette

David Arquette and Courteney Cox met and fell in love on the set of the first Scream movie more than 10 years ago and last night, the ex couple appeared on the red carpet, separately as exes! So much can change, but the movies still kind of stay the same. They are still starring Neve Campbell and they are full of stars who will be massacred by the masked killer! Check who was on the red carpet and have fun watching the trailer!
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huuh(non member) 1
12/04/2011 7:58 PM
marilyn manson and shenae grimes... wtf?

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