Did R.Patz and Reese Witherspoon Shine Last Night?!

Monday 7:41 PM, 18/04/2011



Victoria Pattinson and Lizzie Pattinson

Victoria Pattinson and Lizzie Pattinson
Robert Pattinson has a new movie out! We guess you already knew that though! Its called "Water For Elephants" and also stars Reese Witherspoon. The movie's big premiere was held in New York last night at Ziegfeld theatre. Here are some red carpet pictures of Rob and Reese together. What do you think? We think he's a bit goofy and she looks a bit boring.....disappointing! At least the movie looks great! Here is the trailer:
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isaa(non member) 1
18/04/2011 8:24 PM
they totally shine!! love them
and I think the
movie looks great :)

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