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Celebrity pictures from premieres

Drew Barrymore Outshines Everyone!

Tuesday 6:21 PM, 24/08/2010
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Pregnant Christina Applegate and Martyn LeNoble Oliver Jackson-Cohen Jennifer Stone Ashley Edner Stephanie Pratt Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen Terri Seymour Kelli Garner Malin Akerman Wow what a statement dress!
The Los Angeles premiere for Drew Barrymore's latest movie "Going the Distance" was held at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last night. Drew literally outshone everyone else on the red carpet with her sparkling gold gown, really we are sure many of the guests like Stephanie Pratt and Malin Åkerman were totally blinded!
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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long All Over Each Other Again!

Friday 10:27 AM, 20/08/2010
Is that just acting? Doesn't look like it to us! Aw! So cute together! He is so into her!
Just a few weeks ago Drew Barrymore announced that she was single again in an interview, shocking everyone who thought she was still happily engaged to co-star Justin Long. So we are now very confused, because last night was Justin and Drew's premiere big premiere for their latest movie "Going The Distance" and they still look totally in love! Look at them on the red carpet, hugging and touching and being way too intimate to "just friends", especially Justin looks totally overwhelmed by having Drew so close to him. So is it all acting for the cameras? We don't think so, we say they are definitely getting back together, if they aren't already!

The movie trailer:
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Jen VS Angelina - Who Looked Hotter At Her Premiere?

Tuesday 2:21 PM, 17/08/2010
Angelina went for an Asian-inspired sparkly maxi-gown by Amanda Wakeley Jen was cute and taylored in a nude and black Lanvin mini-dress
Oh we just couldn't resist this one! Jennifer Aniston, who everyone knows is the woman Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from a few years ago, had the movie premiere for her new film "Switch" on the same night that Angelina's movie "Salt" premiered in London. So one last battle between the two of them: who looked better at their premiere last night? Vote!


Who was hotter?

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Hollywood's Toughest Guys All Dressed Up!

Tuesday 2:34 PM, 10/08/2010
We think he is a total hottie don't you? Jordan doing her thang! Eliza Doolittle Special! Preeya Kalidas Liz McClarnon and Leigh Francis Lisa Snowdon Katerina Themis, Emily Themis and Sophia Port of Candy Rock
Did you know that famous action tough guys Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Brit hottie Jason Statham are all in a new movie together? Its called "The Expendables" in case you haven't heard and the UK premiere was last night in London.

Sly, Dolph and Jason were all there and looking smart in their suits, but you can't quite get the street out of the tough guy, even all dressed up, they were still being typical boys and messing around on the red carpet, faking punches.

Oh a special mention has to go to Jordan aka Katie Price, who was a guest at the premiere and was in another "classy" outfit. Those lycra knee high tights are just so typical her!

The movie trailer:
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Eva Mendes: "I almost killed Will Ferrell!"

Wednesday 8:47 PM, 04/08/2010
Will Ferrell Jimmy Fallon Will Ferrell, Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg Lindsay Sloane and Eva Mendes
At the New York premiere of their latest movie "The Other Guys", Eva Mendes told this crazy story about an action scene with Will Ferrell! Eva reached over for a knife and attacked Will with it as part of a scene in the movie, but she soon realised she hadn't picked up the fake prop knife, but a real kitchen knife left over from their lunch break! Ouch, it all could've gone so wrong! Luckily it all turned out ok in the end!

Here is the movie trailer:
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Angelina Jolie's Russian Doll Look!

Monday 11:01 PM, 26/07/2010
Simple and sexy Versace - obviously!
Angelina Jolie plays a woman accused of being a Russian spy in her latest movie Salt . The movie premiered on Friday and was a huge hit at the box office making over $35 million dollars world wide this weekend! Angelina spent the weekend promoting the movie in Russia and she wore this dramatic red chiffon dress to the premiere in Moscow. She also wore this simple nude slip and pencil skirt for the photocall. We have to say we are loving her simple no-fuss sexy-bomb style lately and we think she looks like a total Rusiian beauty!

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