Top 10 Cute Celeb Pets!

The dog is a Hollywood star's best friend! These celebs are taking time out from their busy schedules to walk with their favourite pet. Amanda Selfridges dog looks almost like her! Click on the pictures to see more stars walk their doggy.
Emma Stone blue jeans dog white top grey cardigan leash dog coffee take away cups
Emma Stone and her doggy-dog.
Miranda Kerr yorkshire terrier sunglasses dog chess jacket black shirt jeans
Mirana Kerr has a cute yorkshire terrier.
Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus walking dogs in park grey shirt jeans mobile phone
Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are out on a walk with their two dogs.
Kate Bosworth black dress sunglasses blonde hair walking dog
Kate Bosworth is a real dog-person!
Amanda Seyfried brown dog blue coat long blonde hair leash black bag sunglasses
Amanda Seyfriend's dog has lovely hair like her!
Miley Cyrus sheer blue skirt dog puppy sunglasses  tanktop
Aww Miley Cyrus will you carry us too?
Paris Hilton chiuaua dogs white sunglasses jeans belt white handbag
Paris Hilton started the chihuahua trend years ago.
Kate Moss and husband Jamie Hince walking dog black leather jacket
Kate Moss lets hubby Jamie Hince hold the leash.
January Jones green jeans baby dog walking in park
January Jones' hands are full!
Ashley Tisdale has her nails manicured taking along her pet dog Maui
Ashley Tisdale's doggy has the same facial expression as her.
Published Jun 20 2012 7:18 PM
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