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Reese Witherspoon - and her dog - Get a Hollywood Star!

Thursday 10:49 PM, 02/12/2010
How adorable are they? Great shoes Reese!
Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon has finally won another huge prize in Hollywood! She received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday in LA!

Reese had her adorable children Ava and Deacon with her to celebrate, but there was also someone else really special there and Reese says she couldn't have become a star without him - its a her cute little doggie! They two posed for pictures with the star together! Cute!
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Kat Von D Heartbroken - Everything Lost in Fire!

Tuesday 8:46 AM, 23/11/2010
She tweeted these wise words "In order to gain everything, you must lose everything"
Poor tattoo celebrity Kat Von D! Her whole life went up in smoke, literally this past weekend! Her house burnt down and she lost everything, including her beloved cat Valentine, who was trapped inside! Kat has been tweeting about it since Sunday and she seems to be taking the bad news pretty well. What a horrible thing to happen! Police are still investigating what caused the fire(Source: USWeekly)
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Phoebe Price - Pumpkin Queen!

Wednesday 10:54 PM, 13/10/2010
Classy... That poor dog!
It looks like Phoebe Price still has nothing better to do these days than dress herself and her doggie Henry up in silly outfits and go and pose for even sillier pictures! Its October in LA and that means its pumpkin season ahead of Halloween. Phoebe is definitely in the running for being this season's silliest pumpkin poser, so yeah we want to call her the pumpkin queen, now she can finally be the best at something!
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Is Sam Ronson's Bulldog a Poodle Killer?

Wednesday 8:51 AM, 01/09/2010
Sam and her "man"
Hollywood DJ Samantha Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, is not as friendly as he looks! One of Samantha's neighbours is claiming that Cadillac bit her little Maltese poodle, Tiger, to death in the hallway of Sam's apartment! Samantha was sleeping inside the apartment and the two dogs were both out in the hallway without leashes when there were suddenly screams and the two dogs were found out there. The weird thing is, no blood was found on Cadillac at all, so the case is still being investigated.

Samantha released the following statement yesterday: "Unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am. There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing." We hear Cadillac has been sent to New York to stay with Samantha's family out there because he has a record of biting other dogs, he only got back from doggie boot camp 5 days ago, clearly that didn't help to make him more social! (Source: TMZ)

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Paris Has a New Pet!

Tuesday 10:30 AM, 24/08/2010
Its love!
We all know Paris Hilton loves having pets right? Her mansion in Beverly Hills has a mini-mansion inside it especially for all her little dogs and she also has a small collection of exotic birds. Yesterday Paris showed off her newest puppy, called Mugsy, ok so he is not exactly a puppy, she has just adopted him and he is a fully grown Pug.

Many animal lovers have attacked Paris, saying she shouldn't have so many animals and that she doesn't pay enough attention to her dogs, but we are not sure. They live in a mansion and probably get the best food and even manicures and pedicures and all that luxury stuff, so we think any dog Paris adopts is actually pretty lucky...
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Pamela Anderson: Doggie Angel!

Tuesday 10:31 AM, 03/08/2010
AW! The hottest Peta activist of them all!
As fans will know, Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian, a huge animal lover and a PETA activist. So its not a big surprise that when the oil spill disaster happened in Louisiana, Pamela rushed in to help the many animals affected by the disaster. Pamela has adopted two adorable little dogs who lost their homes and she has helped around 50 more find homes in Virginia, of course she is also paying for their transport, vet fees and flea treatments. She really is a doggie angel! Sweet!
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