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Famous Furries!

Wednesday 12:21 PM, 04/05/2011
Awww! Isn't it so sweet when you see a celeb with a really cute dog? We love how celebs love their pups and thought we should give a...READ MORE ▶
Famous Furries! Amanda Seyfriend seen walking her pooch! America Ferrera loves her dogs! Her golden retriever is named Buddy- cute! Lauren Bosworth and Lauren Conrad exercising with seriously cute dog!
We love that Lily Allen matched her pink top to her pup's leash. Cute headband Mischa Barton but even cuter dog! Prior to being pregnant, Natalie Portman's pooch, Charlie, got all the love! Rachel Bilson's hair matches her dog! Heehee!
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Mandy Moore Is A Kitty Rescuer!

Thursday 11:17 PM, 21/04/2011
Last Wednesday animal lover Mandy Moore attended the launch of PetArmor, a national awareness campaign highlighting the importance of animal health care. Mandy has said many times that she is her very happiest when at home surrounded by her cats and dogs, so when the foundation reached out to her she was quick to respond! Not only did she get to cuddle adorable kitties and puppies on the day of the launch - she also lent her singing voice and donated an undisclosed amount of money. Go Mandy!
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OMG Tori Spelling - What Next?!

Tuesday 7:33 PM, 29/03/2011
its cute and all, but really! Dean the farmer?
Ok so we know that in Hollywood, having a dog or a cat is not enough, celebs have been known to have some strange pets, but this takes the cake! Tori Spelling and her husband Dean Mcdermott were seen outside their shop "Inventori" yesterday in LA, with a baby goat! As you must know by now, Tori and Dean are some of the worst attention-seeking couples out there, but this has to one of the funniest things they have ever thought of. A goat on a leash?! Poor little thing, why don't they just leave it in their back garden? Only in Hollywood!
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Are Robsten Raising A Puppy Together?

Sunday 7:09 PM, 13/03/2011
It seems off screen lovers Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson have decided to take their relationship as "friends" to the next level - by raising...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Seyfried Has A Dog, Baby And Paparazzi Filled Afternoon!

Sunday 10:06 AM, 13/03/2011
That paparazzi freaks us right out! Hands full!
Mamma Mia cutie Amanda Seyfried was seen out and about with a friend yesterday. While her friend was carrying a baby, Amanda was walking her own equivalent of a baby; her Australian Shepard Finn! The foursome tried to dodge the paparazzi as best as they could, which didn't leave too much time for girl talk.

Amanda looked a little bit overwhelmed, but we don't know if it was due to her dog running wild or her realizing her top was completely see through. Either way it looked like she had a fun and eventful afternoon!
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Miley Cyrus Doesn't Need a Boyfriend!

Friday 9:42 PM, 11/02/2011
She even has company when she is going for a workout!
She has jumped from one relationship to the next ever since she hit her teens, so we are happy to see Miley Cyrus is taking a bit of a break at the moment and testing out the single life! You can just tell Miley is one of those people who hates to be alone, don't you think? That's why there are always people around her and even when she is alone, she has her favorite pet around for comfort! What a cute little puppy he is too!
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