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The Crazy Price Tag on Paris Hilton's New Dogs!

Thursday 11:35 AM, 08/01/2015
No, Paris Hilton, 33, is most definitively not suffering from a financial crisis and with a fortune like hers it's just a drop in the ocean ...READ MORE ▶
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Paris Hilton Buys New Dog For $13,000!

Saturday 10:25 AM, 13/09/2014
We all know that Paris Hilton is a true animal-lover, and she’s has now adopted a new furry friend. The socialite and reality star has splas...READ MORE ▶
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Mariah Carey Spends $193 890 To Send Dogs On Holiday!

Wednesday 8:12 PM, 06/08/2014
Mariah Carey is splashing out $193 890 to send her dogs on a lavish holiday. The 44-year-old singer is reportedly set to spoil her eight do...READ MORE ▶
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Delevingne Hires Nanny For Her Rabbit!

Wednesday 3:11 PM, 09/07/2014
Cara Delevingne has hired a nanny to look after her pet rabbit Cecil as she's realized he's much more work than she thought.

"Cara lo...READ MORE ▶
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Miley Cyrus Moves On: "He's Here And Here To Stay!"

Monday 10:03 AM, 30/06/2014
Miley Cyrus has finally moved on. The 21-year-old singer, who's been devastated ever since she lost her pet dog Floyd earlier this year, has...READ MORE ▶
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Top 10 Cute Celeb Pets!

Wednesday 7:18 PM, 20/06/2012
Mirana Kerr has a cute yorkshire terrier. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are out on a walk with their two dogs. Kate Bosworth is a real dog-person! Amanda Seyfriend's dog has lovely hair like her! Aww Miley Cyrus will you carry us too? Paris Hilton started the chihuahua trend years ago. Kate Moss lets hubby Jamie Hince hold the leash. January Jones' hands are full! Ashley Tisdale's doggy has the same facial expression as her.
The dog is a Hollywood star's best friend! These celebs are taking time out from their busy schedules to walk with their favourite pet. Amanda Selfridges dog looks almost like her! Click on the pictures to see more stars walk their doggy.
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