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Top 10 Cute Celeb Pets!

Wednesday 7:18 PM, 20/06/2012
Mirana Kerr has a cute yorkshire terrier. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are out on a walk with their two dogs. Kate Bosworth is a real dog-person! Amanda Seyfriend's dog has lovely hair like her! Aww Miley Cyrus will you carry us too? Paris Hilton started the chihuahua trend years ago. Kate Moss lets hubby Jamie Hince hold the leash. January Jones' hands are full! Ashley Tisdale's doggy has the same facial expression as her.
The dog is a Hollywood star's best friend! These celebs are taking time out from their busy schedules to walk with their favourite pet. Amanda Selfridges dog looks almost like her! Click on the pictures to see more stars walk their doggy.
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Top List: 10 Cute A-List Pups!

Tuesday 11:08 PM, 03/04/2012
Minka Kelly plays with her dog at the park in Beverly Hills. Snooki walks her dog to daycare. Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck out on a walk with their dog. Amanda Seyfried out shopping at The Grove with her Australian Shepherd, Finn. Kate Bosworth. Ashley Tisdale leaving Byron & Tracey salon with her dog, Maui. Hilary Duff Paris Hilton never let her dogs walk, she always carries them. Ashley Greene with her tiny dog, Marlow.
Wanna fit in in Hollywood? Get a tiny dog! Seriously, the best way to look like an A-Lister is to carry around a miniature, super adorable dog! We especially love Miranda Kerr's yorkie, Frankie! Click on the pics to see other famous super star pets!
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Daisy Lowe's Pretty Puppies!

Tuesday 1:19 PM, 20/12/2011
We saw Daisy Lowe walking her dogs in Primrose Hill. Aw, they're so cute! Although Daisy really seems to have her hands full.
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Hilary Duff In Tears Over Her Dog!

Sunday 6:29 PM, 18/12/2011
We really hope little Lola will pull through!
Selena Gomez isn't the only celebrity having her Christmas spirit shattered at the moment, Hilary Duff isn't doing so great either. Hilary tweeted ...READ MORE ▶
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Celebs Who Love Their Pups A Bit Too Much!

Tuesday 3:13 PM, 13/12/2011
Denise Richards. Such a cute pic of Glenn Close and her little puppy! Awwww Cheryl Cole! Paris Hilton loves on Tinkerbell. This is kind of gross JWoww! Snooki! We love Betty White and she loves dogs! Hayden Panettiere! Sooooo cute! Olivia Newton John holds a pup named Carry!
We all know that dogs are man's best friend, but sometimes celebs take it a bit too far! Click on the pics to see celebs who are crazy about their pups!
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Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Bossy Cat!

Saturday 8:13 PM, 19/11/2011
Taylor Swift may own on stage, but back at home there's a whole different chain of command! Taylor recently posted this adorable video of her and h...READ MORE ▶
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