A sneak peak at celebrity houses!

Ever wondered what's inside the home of a big Hollywood celebrity? Since they never let the Paparazzi in, it leaves a lot to our imagination. They earn millions and millions so how much do they really spend on their houses? Do they live in mansions by the beach or in pretty normal houses? Well, we did some digging and found some really great aerial shots of some of the biggest A-List celebrity houses. Click on the pictures to see celebrity houses, like Reese Witherspoon's and Paris Hilton's!
Julia Roberts black dress coat jacket heels statement necklace curly hair red carpet house
Julia Robert's lives in a 6000 sq. ft. Malibu beach house with tennis court!
Alecia Moore aka Pink black coat jacket earrings
Halle's house is right on the beach in Malibu, looks so luxurious!
Aerial view of Halle Berry 's beach front home in Malibu. Los Angeles, Californa - 26.04.2011 Credit: WENN.com
Reese Witherspoon lives in Los Angeles! Love the pool.
Aerial view of Paris Hilton 's home in the Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles, Californa - 26.04.2011 Credit: WENN.com
Pink lives in Malibu, right next to Matthew McConaughey!
Aerial view of Reese Witherspoon 's home in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, Californa - 26.04.2011 Credit: WENN.com
Source: WENN.com
Paris Hilton lives in Hollywood Hills. Look at the Pink car and the Pink furnitures at the balcony, so adorable!
Published Dec 9 2011 6:16 PM
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