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Every celebrity have at least one best friend. A friend to laugh with, shop with and tell secrets. See them partying and spending time together here. See who is your favorite celebs best friend.
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Ashley Green: "Miley Cyrus is like a 40-year old!"

Thursday 10:25 AM, 03/02/2011
She is so cute! The cast of Lol filming in Paris Ashley Greene, Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth and cast members Looked like fun!
Twilight star Ashley Greene has had a lot of time recently to get to know super star Miley Cyrus,, besides dating one of Miley's old friends and Di...READ MORE ▶
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Keira Knightley & Sienna Miller Enjoy Girls Night!

Friday 9:57 PM, 14/01/2011
The best party partner ever! Is it so bad Keira?
As we told you yesterday, Keira Knightley is nursing a broken heart since she just broke up with her boyfriend Rupert Friend. We all know the best cure for heartbreak is a girls night out! That is exactly what Keira did last night in London. Her bestie Sienna Miller took her out on the town in Soho, who better to have fun with than Sienna?!
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Celebs Can't Resist A Freebie!

Tuesday 10:59 PM, 11/01/2011
That is a satisfied smile!
Even when you are a millionaire heiress like Nicky Hilton, its hard to turn an invitation for a goodie bag! We spotted Nicky and her bestie actress Kyle Richards outside a special gifting suite in Beverly Hiills yesterday and judging by the smiles on their faces, the freebie gifts were good! Lucky!
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Lilo and Sam Ronson Have Made Peace!

Monday 12:48 PM, 10/01/2011
How long will it last?
When Lindsay Lohan moved in right next door to her ex Samantha Ronson last week, we were all sure it was the start of another huge fight between th...READ MORE ▶
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The Jonas Brothers show their faces!

Monday 10:21 AM, 10/01/2011
There they are! We haven't seen or heard much from the Jonas Brothers since older brother Kevin got married, middle brother Joe went on a serial dating spree and younger brother Nick started working on his solo career. 2/3s of the former trio were spotted out and about in West Hollywood with a female friend this weekend. We suppose it's nice to see that one thing still hasn't changed, their constant accompanying of girls!
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Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas reunite!

Saturday 8:48 PM, 08/01/2011
Hold onto your hats Disney fans, music producer Eddie Pearson has recently revealed that the former love birds Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas are working...READ MORE ▶
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