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Do Taylor Momsen and Lourdes Leon Hate Each Other?

Thursday 2:28 PM, 23/09/2010
See Madonna and Taylor are like BFFs Madonna and Lourdes were holding hands, everything all fine, but no pictures of Lourdes and Taylor alone together!
Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon launched their Material Girl collection at Macy's in New York City last night and the face of their campaign, Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was there too of course. We noticed something interesting and we are pretty sure it wasn't our imagination.

Taylor and Lourdes don't speak to each other, they posed for pictures like real pros but Lourdes was hardly even cracking a smile and even though we saw Madonna hugging and chatting with Taylor, the two teen girls were definitely ignoring each other. Jealousy or did they have some creative differences about Material Girl? We are so sure there is a story there!
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Fashionista Moms Do It In Style!

Friday 7:33 PM, 17/09/2010
By now everyone knows that supermodel Claudia Schiffer and designer Stella McCartney's kids go to the same school in London right? The two fashionistas met this morning outside the school and had a little chat. They both were rocking cute outfits too! Stella is heavily pregnant, but is still working it in in her casual classic style and Claudia who is shifting the last of her baby weight was very boho-chic in an adorable peasant dress. Respect to both of them for the doing the soccor mom thing in such style!
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Taylor Momsen is Galliano's New Muse!

Tuesday 11:06 PM, 14/09/2010
She is the luckiest girl ever!
Does this girl have all the luck or what! A hit TV show (Gossip Girl), her own rock band (The Pretty Reckless) a kick-ass fashion line(She is the face of Madonna's Material Girl collection) and now Taylor Momsen is the muse behind designer John Galliano's new fragrance! Taylor was in Paris last night with Galliano for the launch of the perfume, simply called "John Galliano Eau de Toilette". She and the legendary designer already look like best friend and he even let her perform with the band! We bet she gets all kinds of fab clothes too, now if only she would wear some!
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Lady Gaga's Naughty Diamond Birthday Present For Beyonce!

Wednesday 10:24 AM, 08/09/2010
Lady Gaga does everything over the top, even gift giving!
Beyonce celebrated her 29th Brithday this past weekend with her husband Jay-Z and her friend Lady Gaga at a Jay-Z concert in Detroit. We are guessing of all B's birthday gifts, Gaga's has to be the most memorable too! She presented Beyonce with a diamond encrusted whip and matching bra and panty set. Wow we bet Beyonce or rather her alter-ego Sascha Fierce is going to be having a whole lot of fun with that! These two pop super stars have been best friends ever since they did their songs "Videophone" and "Telephone" together in case you were wondering...(Source: Celebitchy)
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Eva Longoria Parker and Posh Catch Up!

Sunday 5:58 PM, 05/09/2010
Eva Longoria Parker is in London, England, at the moment promoting her new perfume but yesterday she took the night off to meet her British friends! Eva and Victoria Beckham were spotted arriving at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Maze to have dinner with the chef and his wife Tanya. Naturally Eva wore a Victoria Beckham dress while Victoria herself chose a simple black tanktop and wool skirt!
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Lindsay Lohan Chooses Movies Over Booze!

Sunday 2:14 PM, 05/09/2010
Finally she's learning! Lindsay Lohan gave up a night out on the town yesterday and decided to go to the movies with some girlfriends instead! The actress looked great in knee socks and a green dress but seemed a little annoyed. Probably because of all the extra attention she's getting now that she's finally out of jail!
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