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Every celebrity have at least one best friend. A friend to laugh with, shop with and tell secrets. See them partying and spending time together here. See who is your favorite celebs best friend.
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Kim Kardashian's New BFF! LeAnn Rimes?

Wednesday 4:45 PM, 08/02/2012
Kim started a Bible study with LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn Rimes
Kim Kardashian seem to have found a new BFF, singer LeAnn Rimes! Last week Kim shocking revealed that she wanted to start a Bible study! Well, she ...READ MORE ▶
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Beyonce's Friends Won't Congratulate Her On Twitter!

Tuesday 3:43 PM, 10/01/2012
Happy parents! Michelle Williams defends herself on Twitter! Kelly Rowland didn't congratulate Bey either! Destiny's Child
Twitter has grown to be one of the best ways for celebs to converse with their fans and vice versa, so we're not surprised that Twitter was almost ...READ MORE ▶
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Ashley Tisdale, The Third Wheel to Vanessa Hudgens and BF Austin!

Tuesday 12:05 PM, 20/12/2011
We spotted Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler out shopping. V's best friend, Ashley Tisdale was also there and it seems like they were having a lot of fun. We wonder if Ashley feels like the third wheel? It can be really awkward!

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Who Do You Want As Your Celeb BFF?

Friday 3:05 PM, 16/12/2011
THE FUNNY ONE. Humor is all that matters to you. You are probably pretty funny yourself and need someone who can keep up with you. To you BFF's are two people how can't stop laughing together and the girl who definitely can make you smile is Emma Stone! THE BUBBLY ONE. Just like Ashley Tisdale you always stay positive and are full of energy. The ultimate day would be a big shopping spree with all your girls that ends with a slumber party where you show of your crazy skills at Britney Spears-karaoke. THE ODD ONE.  You can't stand those chatty loud girls. Instead you appreciate the girl who at first might seem to be a little strange. She doesn't talk very much and when she does she always comes across as awkward. But you just think that's charming. We think you and Kristen Stewart would get along great! THE POPULAR ONE. You like to hang out with girls like Blake Lively. Someone who has it all, the look, the career and the guy. The "every girl want to be and every guy want to date"-type of girl. Sometimes you might get jealous of her but the most important thing to you is to get to know the person behind the perfect image. Besides, being her BFF will make people notice you, something you don't mind. THE OUTSPOKEN ONE. With this girl you can be sure to get the truth and nothing but the truth. But honesty is after all what you value the most in a friendship. Even though every now and then she gets into trouble because of her big mouth, you admire her for having the guts to speak up about what's on her mind. The friend you need is Kelly Osbourne! THE SPORTY ONE. You live for sports and need someone to work out with! Hayden Panettiere was a gymnast for nine years, does all of her stunts herself, and used to date a boxer. Did we mention she loves to work out and watch sports? If there's someone in Hollywood who can keep up with your pace it's Hayden! THE WILD ONE. You like to live dangerous and are thought of as a "bad girl".  A friend who tries to force her morals on you isn't appreciated, what you want is someone who is just as adventurous as you are! A couple of years ago, Miley Cyrus would have been the last girl you'd want to be associated with, but now you might think she's pretty cool. Just don't do anything too stupid, you'll regret it later!
If you have day dreamed about having a celebrity as your best friend, you're not alone! Seeing pictures of celebs hanging out with their friends always make us wish it was us. But to be true BFFs it's really important that you find someone who has qualities that complements your personality. Okay, maybe you won't start hanging out with Ashley Tisdale or Taylor Swift anytime soon but it's ok to dream! Check out the photos and find out which celebrity personality would fit you best as your BFF!
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When Models Hang Out: The Miranda Kerr Edition!

Tuesday 4:30 PM, 15/11/2011
Miranda, Lily, and Flynn! Hey there Flynn!
Oh what a life! We spotted Victoria Secret's model, Miranda Kerr, hanging out with son, Flynn, and her bestie and model-friend, Lily Alridge! The three were shopping along the streets of NYC and had a blast! We're insanely jealous of Miranda, she had the best life!

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Demi Lovato: "Kim Kardashian Called Me In Rehab"

Sunday 12:02 PM, 02/10/2011
Who would have thought that Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato were so close? We know that Demi was a guest at Kim's wedding last month, but we had no ...READ MORE ▶
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