Glee-Star Forced Woman To Sex Without Condom!

WHAT?! Mark Salling, known for playing though guy "Puck" on Glee, has been sued by an ex-girlfriend for sexual battery after forcing sex without a condom!

In her lawsuit, Mark's ex, Roxanne Gorzela claims they began dating back in September 2010. The event, for which Mark is now facing a lawsuit, took place in Mars 2011. The two hooked up and Roxanne admits she consented to having sex with Mark but ONLY with a condom. Mark allegedly ignored her demands and then proceeded to "insert his penis into [her] vagina without a condom." The victim claims she protested which lead Mark to pull out but then re-engage without any consideration to her request.

About a month later she says she went back to Mark's house to confront him about the emotional distress and "health concerns" she had been suffering from. She claims she then found Mark in bed with another woman which made her quickly demand proof that he was clean from STDs. According to Roxanne, Mark responded with violently grabbing her arm and pushing her to the ground. The victim says she went to the cops and filed a police report the same day.

This better not be true! If it is we'll lose any respect we've ever had for Mark and hope he gets the punishment he deserves! (tmz)
Mark Salling
Do you think he's guilty?
Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling
Do you think he's guilty?
Mark Salling
Mark with co-star Chord Overstreet.
Mark Salling
Mark with co-star Chord Overstreet.
Mark Salling
Mark with co-star Chord Overstreet.
Mark Salling
Mark with co-star Chord Overstreet.
Published Jan 20 2013 2:14 PM
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