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Read about all the criminals in Hollywood! Many celebrities have beed caught by the police. Here you find them all!
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Lilo is Getting Out Early!

Tuesday 4:01 PM, 17/08/2010
She served jail time and rehab time, lets hope that's enough!
As you know, Lindsay Lohan has been at the UCLA Medical Centre's rehab program for more than a week now and was sentenced by the court to stay for 3 months, but it looks like she is getting her wish and is set for an early release, we are hearing it could even happen this week! Doctors say Lindsay's psychiatric problems are not nearly as bad as they first thought and her prescription medication addiction issues can be treated in an out-patient program. Who would have thought it? We really were convinced Lindsay needed serious medical care. We suppose its a good thing she is okay, lets hope it lasts and she doesn't go another crazy spin-out again! (Source: TMZ)
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Lindsay's Fans Love Her!

Sunday 4:02 PM, 01/08/2010
No one can stay moody when faced with this much affection! As well as having several fans protesting for her to be released outside the Lynwood Prison where she is being held, the staff or Lynwood has divulged that she's been receiving circa 250 fan letters per day! She's however only allowed to read 10 a day, so when she's released she'll have one hell of a bundle of envelopes to go through! It's sure to keep her occupied at the seaside rehabilitation center which she'll be checking into after she's finished serving her prison sentence. The staff of Posh24 sends our love too Linds! (Source: Perez Hilton)
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The never ending drama of LiLo!

Saturday 9:00 AM, 17/07/2010
Robert Shapiro The rehab facility where Lindsay has checked in.
It's not a good year to be Lindsay Lohan! We can understand how it can take its toll having your assistants and lawyers continually quitting on you, having a father who is constantly trying to use you for his own famewhoring activities and, on top of that, being sentenced to jail!

It's said Lindsay's lawyers quit because she was being very unreasonable and not following any of the advice she was given, sounds like LiLo alright! She has however found a new one now, his name is Robert Shapiro and he represented O.J Simpson when he murdered his wife. Robert Shapiro has released a statement where he says that Lindsay has accepted her abuse problem and that she'll be checking into a rehab facility before facing her 90 day sentence on July 20th. Do you think Robert Shapiro looks to be up to the task of maintaining Lindsay? It can't be a easy job!
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Charlie Sheen Arrested On Suspicions Of Domestic Violence!

Saturday 11:59 AM, 26/12/2009
Charlie Sheen Arrested On Suspicions Of Domestic Violence!
It wasn`t a very merry Christmas for Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller. The "Two and a Half Men" star was arrested today, December 25, 2009 in Aspen, Colorado after Brooke accused him of shoving her. Police responded after a 911 call was made at 8:34 AM. When cops arrived, they arrested the 44-year-old star for felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. Cops say all three charges are coupled with a domestic violence component. (Source: Radar online)


Charlie Sheen..

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The worst celeb mug shots!

Wednesday 2:54 PM, 17/06/2009
50 cent - Aug 05, 1994. Charged with peddling heroin and crack cocaine. Carmen Electra - Nov 01, 1999. Charged with battering her husband. Chris Tucker - April 19 2005. Charged with reckless driving after he did not immediately pull over his car. Lil Kim - Jun 23, 1996. Charged with possession of marijuana. Marilyn Manson - Jul 05, 2001. Charged with criminal sexual conduct. Matthew McConaughey -Oct 05, 1999. Charged with possession of marijuana. Mel Gibson - July 31, 2006 - Arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Michael Jackson - Nov 20, 2003. Arrested on charges of Child Molestation. Nick Carter - Mars 7, 2005. Arrested for driving while intoxicated. Nicole Richie - December 11, 2006. Spotted driving on the wrong way down a freeway. After being stopped by Police she apparently admitted taking the pain killer vicodin and smoking pot. Ozzy Osbourne - May 05, 1984. Charged with public intoxication. Robert Downey Jr.- Aug 05, 1999. Drug conviction Tommy Lee - Oct 05, 1999. Charged with assault and inciting a riot. Vince Vaughn - Apr 12, 2001. Arrested after a brawl outside a club.
A mug shot is a photo that´s been taken after a person has been arrested by the police. These pictures almost never show a person's best sides because their often influenced by some kind of alcohol or drugs or have been in some kind of fight, and that is why they are being arrested! See some of the most embarrassing mug shots that celebs like Hugh Grant, Lil Kim, Chris Tucker, Vince Vaugn and Nicole Richie will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Whose picture do you think is the worst?
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Excuse me?

Strange Couple: Marc Jacobs and Lil Kim!

Thursday 12:52 PM, 16/04/2009
Yes, we know fashion designer Marc Jacobs is not into girls in THAT way, but did you know that his BFF is naughty rapper Lil Kim? In an interview with stylelist.com Kim reveals that Marc wrote letters to her every week while she was in prison in 2006 and the support from him really helped her! That and the Bratz colouring books she had. Kim decorated the Bratz books with look-alike clothes from Marc's collections and he loved them so much he displays them as artworks in his house! What a strange combination, wouldn't it be fun if these two worked as a design team? We think it would be hot!
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