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Read about all the criminals in Hollywood! Many celebrities have beed caught by the police. Here you find them all!
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Busted! 80s Rocker Arrested for DUI!

Tuesday 8:54 AM, 03/05/2011
You can't always rely on your fame to get you out of jail!
80's singer, Rick Springfield, was arrested last night for a DUI. You know that song, Jessie's Girl? Yeah, that guy! He was pulled over in Los Ange...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Will Plead No Contest!

Monday 11:00 AM, 02/05/2011
She just wants to move on! Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer in court. Lindsay's mugshot.
Will the saga of Lindsay Lohan vs The Necklace ever end? Seriously!
Sources say that LiLo just wants to all be over and to get on with her life. ...READ MORE ▶
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Jaime Pressly Busted Drunk Driving!

Friday 10:12 AM, 07/01/2011
This is the mugshot from the arrest Jaime is a mommy! This is her with husband Simran Singh and baby Desi shopping over the holidays. Busted!
Wow talk about being caught in the act! "My name is Earl" star Jaime Pressly was stopped by police in Santa Monica Wednesday night for a minor traffic violation and as soon as the traffic cop spoke to her, he realized she was totally drunk! Jaime was forced to take a breathalizer test, failed of course,was taken to jail in Santa Monica and held on $10 000 bail. Ouch! Don't drink and drive people!
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Wesley Snipes Starts Prison Sentence Today!

Friday 3:37 PM, 10/12/2010
That will teach him to take care of his business!
After two years of fighting out in court, Blade star Wesley Snipes has been convicted as guilty of not filing his tax returns and will serve his 3 year prison sentence today!

Wesley's lawyers have tried everything to get Wesley off the tax evasion charges, they even filed an emergency motion on Wednesday asking for a new trial after a jury member spoke out and said that the jurors all thought Wesley was guilty from the start of his trial and now his lawyers are hoping to prove this means he didn't have a fair trial. The judge is reviewing the emergency request, but that doesn't mean Wesley is getting out of going to prison. He handed himself in to authorities last night and will be taken to his Pennsylvania prison today. (Source:Wenn)
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Oksana hires an army of lawyers to fight Mel!

Monday 8:24 AM, 18/10/2010
Oksana Grigorieva has decided to officially declare war on ex-husband Mel Gibson and she's hired hired a whole army to do so, literally. Sources are reporting Oksana has hired a total of 39 lawyers to help fight her domestic abuse and child support case against Mel. The lawyers come from various different firms such as 'Trope and Trope' and 'Freid and Goldsman' and they've sent all their legal bills to Mel, totaling around $1 million. Yikes! Going a little overboard here, aren't we Oksana... (Source: Perez Hilton)
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Lindsay Lohan Going Back To Rehab!

Monday 8:47 AM, 27/09/2010
Her latest mugshot Lets hope this is the last of the bad news on this girl - we doubt it though!
What a big wake up call weekend for Lindsay Lohan! Firstly on Friday she was sent immediately to jail by the Judge Fox without bail and without the judge even wanting to hear Lindsay's excuses for failing her court appointed drug tests the week before. Lindsay only spent 13 hrs locked up though, as her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley appealed the judge's decision the next morning and Lindsay was let out on bail and fitted with another SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet and ordered to stay out of trouble until her next court hearing on 22 October.

Lindsay has now announced that she is even more serious than ever before about changing her bad ways and has said she will re-enter into rehab and work even harder on her recovery. Lindsay is expected to stay in rehab until she must appear before the court again in October. This will be Lindsay's 5th time in rehab and it was her 4th time in jail since 2007 when she was first arrested for her DUI. Will this finally teach her a lesson? Only time will tell! (Source: People)
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