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Read about all the criminals in Hollywood! Many celebrities have beed caught by the police. Here you find them all!
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Celebrity crimes

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R&B Star Angie Stone Arrested For Assaulting Her Own Daughter!

Wednesday 11:33 AM, 11/03/2015
R&B star Angie Stone was arrested this Monday after getting into a physical fight with her 30 year old daughter, Diamond.

TMZ writes t...READ MORE ▶
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Glee-Star Forced Woman To Sex Without Condom!

Sunday 2:14 PM, 20/01/2013
Mark with co-star Chord Overstreet.
WHAT?! Mark Salling, known for playing though guy "Puck" on Glee, has been sued by an ex-girlfriend for sexual battery after forcing sex without a ...READ MORE ▶
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Drunk Drivers, Speeders, and More Celebs Who Can't Drive!

Wednesday 9:14 PM, 08/02/2012
Khloe Kardashian got a DUI and she even reenacted it for The Kardashians reality show. 
Mischa Barton was arrested by the police when she was driving drunk, the police also found marijuana in her car. Rapper Flo Rida drove when he was drunk in Miami.
Lindsay Lohan has been arrested by the police countless times, and once she was issued a speeding ticket for driving at 59 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, had her license revoked for six weeks due to speeding!
Singer, George Michael, has had more than five speeding tickets since 2000!
Heather Locklear was charged with a DUI when she drove her car after taking prescription meds.
Boxing champ, Mike Tyson, was caught by the police while speed racing against a friend, he was doing 71 mph in a 30 mph zone.
In 2006, Paris Hilton was charged with DUI.
Is it time for our celebs to take a new theory class at driving school? Well, it might be a good idea! Because driving drunk and speeding are two t...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Is Scared For Her Life!

Tuesday 5:32 PM, 03/01/2012
We hope she has someone who can protect her!
After the incident with the stalker yesterday at Lindsay Lohan's house, she’s scared to death (we understand her). We’ve heard that Lilo loves her ...READ MORE ▶
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OMG! Terrence Howard Is Issued A Restraining Order!

Wednesday 5:01 PM, 07/12/2011
Terrence Howard and Michelle Williams during happier times. Is it true or false, Terrence?
Another restraining order is filed against a big Hollywood star! This time it’s actor Terrence Howard’s turn and he’s receiving it from his ex-wife...READ MORE ▶
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Lilo Under House Arrest!

Friday 8:48 AM, 27/05/2011
We bet Lilo has stocked up on a lot of movies!
On Thursday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan turned herself in for house arrest or what we're calling "an extended stay-cation." As you guys know Lilo was ...READ MORE ▶
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