TomKat - Creepiest Couple Ever!?

Monday 8:34 PM, 15/08/2011
TomKat - Creepiest Couple Ever!?

TomKat - creepy or cute?

Oh, please! Are you really that happy?

Oh, please! Are you really that happy?

"I finally got him!"

"I finally got him!"
Did you know that when Katie Holmes was young she fantasized about getting married to Tom Cruise....and looked what happened, she did! Did Katie plan the whole thing?

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced to the world that they were in love, they went all the way. Tom jumped in Oprah's couch and Katie held him tight at every public event! Sure, they had just found each other, but don't you think that they're kinda creepy? They are too in love, it almost seems forced!

What do you guys think of TomKat, are they the creepiest couple ever?


Do you think that TomKat is the creepiest couple ever?

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shosha(non member) 1
15/08/2011 8:45 PM
tomkat is the best couple ever
ilove them
are soooooooooo cute

what(non member) 2
15/08/2011 8:57 PM
you sound so stupid these days, posh.... you
really don't have anything worthwhile to write

Honest_Girl (Posh24 member) 3
15/08/2011 9:33 PM
why creepee??? :s
I think their very cute

6(non member) 4
15/08/2011 11:04 PM
oh Posh c'mon what happened to you?!?

HI(non member) 5
16/08/2011 12:32 AM


BYE(non member) 6
16/08/2011 12:33 AM


Sapphire(non member) 7
19/08/2011 10:01 PM
Lawl,you call this creppy. It's called love

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