Rihanna & Colin Farrell Secretly Sexting?!

Wednesday 11:01 AM, 23/02/2011
Rihanna & Colin Farrell Secretly Sexting?!

This could be fun!
Bad boy for life!

Bad boy for life!

You know she loves it!

You know she loves it!

So everybody knows how much Rihanna loves a bad boy and Colin Farrell is famous for being one of the biggest player's in showbiz...so this was something just waiting to happen! The two of them met late last year on a British talk show and the funny thing is, we hear its been Rihanna who has been chasing Colin ever since and not the other way around!

Friends are saying Rihanna has been sending some pretty dirty/sexy text messages to Colin that even he found shocking! So does this mean these two are hooking up? We are not sure, but why not? They are both single now! (The Sun)
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