Celebrity children

Celebrity children are always beeing watched. How their parents dress them, what haircuts they have, who they play with, if they have a nanny or not and so on. Here you will find pictures of celebrity children.
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Celebrity children

Pete Wentz Hangs Out With His Son! Adorbs!

Thursday 2:10 AM, 24/11/2011
How cute is this? Popstar Pete Wentz having lunch his adorable son Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Adorable!
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Samantha Ronson Has Moved On From LiLo!

Sunday 6:19 PM, 20/11/2011
While Lindsay Lohan can't seem to spend more than a few weeks out in the open before brushing with the law, her ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson is do...READ MORE ▶
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Adorable Albas! Jessica Alba and Honor Get Mani-Pedis!

Friday 2:09 AM, 18/11/2011
Jessica Alba toke her daughter Honor Marie Warren to a nail salon in Beverly Hills. Manicure, pedicure - the whole package! And, aw, look at Honor's cute nails!
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Madonna Censors Her Daughter!

Saturday 4:09 PM, 12/11/2011
The collection is supposed to be fun, young and unruly. So why is it that the blog posts have to be perfect?
Being a perfectionist control freak may have worked well for her career wise, but when it comes to parenting her children, we're not so sure she sh...READ MORE ▶
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Katy Perry Wants Loads of Kids!

Friday 5:25 PM, 11/11/2011
Katy Perry told Ellen she wants loads of kids! Katy is such a nice and caring person, we are sure she'd make a great mother!
Katy Perry recently revealed that she wants a ton of kids! Katy has been married to Russell Brand for about a year and thing are going great, "I wo...READ MORE ▶
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Nicole Richie's Black Swan!

Wednesday 10:13 AM, 02/11/2011
We spotted Nicole Richie taking her daughter, Harlow, to ballet class! So cute! What a super sweet and stylish mom, Harlow is so lucky!
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