Celebrity children

Celebrity children are always beeing watched. How their parents dress them, what haircuts they have, who they play with, if they have a nanny or not and so on. Here you will find pictures of celebrity children.
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Celebrity children

Sunday 7:06 PM, 10/04/2011
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Meet Hugh Hefner's Son!

Sunday 1:09 PM, 10/04/2011
The legendary founder of the Playboy empire, Hugh Hefner, brought along his son for the birthday party of a lifetime at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas yesterday. The two just happen to both have their birthday's on the 9th of April, although 21 year old Marston Glenn is 64 years his dad's junior, who celebrated 85th birthday! We can't help but wonder what it would be like to have the one and only Hugh Hefner as your father. Granted, you'd get the best wingman in the world and you'd probably never have a dull birthday or new year's party in your life! Must be a pretty sweet life.

Check out the pictures from the wild birthday bash above!
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Wednesday 3:40 PM, 06/04/2011
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Monday 10:13 AM, 04/04/2011
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Cute Overload: SJP's Twin Girls

Sunday 6:59 PM, 03/04/2011
We spotted Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker having a girl's day out in Manhattan yesterday with a family friend and her adorable twin girls Tabitha and Marion. The girls were dressed in identical stylish gray coats and tiny brown shoes, with different colored leggings and flowers in their hair. To sum it up; they looked freaking adorable! Check out the pictures in the gallery below.
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Jada Pinkett: "I do not exploit my kids"

Saturday 10:14 PM, 02/04/2011
A-list couple Jada Pinkett & Will Smith's children Jaden & Willow Smith have recently rose to stardom through successful movie and music ventures a...READ MORE ▶
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