Celebrity children

Celebrity children are always beeing watched. How their parents dress them, what haircuts they have, who they play with, if they have a nanny or not and so on. Here you will find pictures of celebrity children.
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Celebrity children

More Trouble for Nicolas Cage's Son Weston!

Tuesday 8:13 PM, 05/07/2011
Weston Coppola-Cage just can't seem to catch a break! Or maybe he's just a drama-addict? Remember when he was arrested and hospitalized for attacki...READ MORE ▶
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Kingston Rossdale got a New Haircut!

Sunday 10:03 PM, 03/07/2011
You can really tell that Kingston Rossdale is the son of two rockers! We mean, how many 5 years old do you know sporting blue mohawks?! When little Kingston was out and about with his mom Gwen Stefani, dad Kingston Rossdale & younger brother Zuma in West Hollywood yesterday, he debuted a fierce new look! Are we the only ones thinking that all the boys at his kindergarden will be in envy on Monday?
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Only Female Schiffers Have The Fashion Gene!

Sunday 2:08 PM, 03/07/2011
We spotted super model Claudia Schiffer and her husband Matthew Vaughn walk their daughter Clementine to school this Friday. While mom and daughter were dressed to the nines, Claudia in a casually chic summer outfit and Clementine in a too cute for words straw hat, dad Matthew kept it veeery casual. Perhaps he just wasn't expecting photogs at 7 in the morning? Either way he should know that fashion never sleep in late!
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Nicolas Cage's Son Hospitalized!

Wednesday 7:57 PM, 08/06/2011
Nicolas and Weston in happier, more goth-free times! Weston often attend various events together with his mom Christina Fulton. Weston and his ex-girlfriend out on a stroll! We really don't see the resemblance at all. He's not the most tolerant celeb kid around... Freaky!
Jesus! Nicolas Cage's 20 year old goth-rocker son Weston Coppola-Cage was hospitalized earlier today for getting into a fight with his personal tra...READ MORE ▶
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Zuma Rossdale is on his way to Recovery!

Tuesday 12:04 AM, 07/06/2011
Tiny champion! Such a cute little wave!
We spotted little Zuma Rossdale make his first out door appearance after breaking his arm earlier this week. His nanny took him to the farmer's market and he looked to be in good spirits!

His dad Gavin Rossdale told People.com recently that the accident was actually worse for him and mom Gwen than it was for Zuma. He said to still be having nightmares about it, and recalled it to be the worst night of their lives.

We're super glad he's okay!
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Matthew McConaughey and his Gorgeous Family Out And About!

Monday 7:41 PM, 06/06/2011
Such a cutie pie!
We spotted actor Matthew McConaughey and his gorgeous brown-eyed family out and about in Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon. Little Levi and Vida are just adorable, you can so tell that they've inherited their mom Camila Alves' model genes! Matthew is one lucky guy!
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