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Celebrity children are always beeing watched. How their parents dress them, what haircuts they have, who they play with, if they have a nanny or not and so on. Here you will find pictures of celebrity children.
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Celebrity children

Victoria Beckham's Post-Baby Bod! And Pics of Little Harper! Adorbs!

Monday 12:11 PM, 05/09/2011
Such a cute babe! Look how gentle Romeo is with baby Harper!
We spotted our favorite Brit family, the Beckhams, out and about the other day, including the newest addition to the family: Harper Seven! It was our first time to spot little Harper outside and she's ADORABLE!

Click on the pics to see how sweet Harper's brothers are with her and to check out Victoria Beckham's post baby body! She looks great!
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Nicole Richie & Harlow Have A Day Out!

Sunday 10:17 PM, 04/09/2011
Yesterday, Nicole Richie took her first-born daughter Harlow out to the Chilli Cook Off at Cross Creek in Malibu. It really struck us how Harlow is starting to look so much like her mom. She has got the exact same curly dirt-blond hair as Nicole did when she was little! Now all she needs is a mini-Paris to play with and the picture will be complete!
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Bradgelina & The Kids Catch A Movie!

Sunday 7:47 PM, 04/09/2011
We love Zahara's unruly, brown hair! Shiloh dressed in an all gray outfit! Pax Thien is not particularly fond of the cameras! Vivienne is gorgeous!
Bradgelina and the kids are getting up to all kinds of fun things on Brad's work trip to South East England! Just this morning we caught them watching a movie in the cinema at what we're guessing was some kind of pre-scheduled private screening. Pax Thien, Zahara, Shiloh and little Vivienne were all present and gosh, how much hasn't little Viv grown!? She is looking more like her sister big sister Shiloh every day!
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Ellen Pompeo's Family Fun!

Saturday 11:43 AM, 03/09/2011
Ellen Pompeo hangs out with her husband Chris Ivery and their daughter, Stella Luna! We love Ellen and we love her sweet little family!
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Maria Shriver Engages In Shopping Therapy!

Sunday 10:15 PM, 28/08/2011
There is no heartbreak that a little shopping therapy can't fix! Just look at Maria Shriver. Despite her very public and scandalous divorce with former Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, she managed to leave her troubles at home, dress up nice and go shopping with her daughter Katherine on Melrose Place in West Hollywood earlier this week!
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Gwen Stefani Is One Hot Mom!

Sunday 2:44 PM, 28/08/2011
We think Gwen Stefani seems like such a great mom! Check out Gwen and little Kingston Rossdale playing in the park! Cool scooter, Kingston! And we just adore Gwen's style!
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