The Deets From Lilo's Birthday!

Monday 11:00 AM, 04/07/2011
The Deets From Lilo's Birthday!

Deets from Lindsay Lohan's 25th Birthday celebration on July 2th are out, and it comes as no real surprise that her dad Michael Lohan was the one to leak them! Lindsay celebrated her birthday with a low-key dinner together with her two siblings Ali Lohan and Michael Jr. at Geoffrey's restaurant in Malibu, proving everyone who thought she was going to throw a huge bash wrong.

She arrived to the restaurant wearing a white drapey dress which she had paired with light pink heels and lipstick, and departed the restaurant wearing a black dress. We're thinking she suffered a spillage accident! All in all though Lindsay gave no one much to comment about, except for perhaps the minor tumble she took on her way out.

Alright, onto Micheal's revelation! Being the great that dad he is, he obviously had to share with the world what gift he got her. A vacation to Costa Rica so she can "get away from the spotlight and relax" with her siblings and mom Dina Lohan. Although we're wondering how much relaxing she'll be able to do now that Michael has let slip the location...
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Cheyanne (Posh24 member) 1
25/07/2011 6:57 PM
I've heard that <a
/04/Lindsay_Lohan.jpg">Lindsay_Lohan</a> has
finally started to come to her senses. Let's hope
that's true!

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