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Kristen Stewart Got A Wolf For Her Birthday!

Wednesday 8:45 PM, 23/04/2014
Kristen Stewart received a wolf as a birthday gift as she turned 24 last week. The actress was reportedly delighted to get the animal from h...READ MORE ▶
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Happy 21th Birthday, Miley Cyrus! Here Is Your Life Through Pictures!

Saturday 10:10 AM, 23/11/2013
The year was 2006, and Miley was just about to make it as a teen idol in Disney's "Hannah Montana". Here's Miley with her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. The Disney show became an immediate hit and Miley was every young teenage girl's role model. Characteristic of her Hannah Montana look were blonde wigs and happy, colorful outfits. Miley Cyrus kept her sweet and innocent image through the early years of her drastically upward career. Here she attends at The 80th Annual Academy Awards Oscars in Los Angeles, California, 2008. In 2009, Mileybird switches to a more rock chic style. One year later, she begins her transformation from an innocent teen pop star to provocative wild child following the release of her new music video for "Can't Be Tamed." In 2010, she also met her ex boyfriend Liam Hemsworth during the cast of the movie "The Last Song". The couple got engaged in June 2012. In late 2012, Miley chopped off her long hair for a new, pixie hairstyle. Her innocent image is far gone, and she is on her way to become the most talked-about celebrity in the world. Autumn 2013, Miley became the queen of headlines. The singer created wide attention after her controversial VMA performance with Robin Thicke, and even more after she smoked a joint at the MTV EMA Awards in Amsterdam. At the age of 21, Miley Cyrus is undeniably the center of attention in the celebrity world right now, especially after her many controversial moves. Miley, who is single after her split from Liam in September,  is now at the peak of her musical career and we can't wait to see her future career steps! Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus!
Miley Cyrus is turning 21 today, but she has been in the spotlight for almost her entire life. The "Wrecking Ball" singer has went through a drastic transition from being an innocent Disney princess to the world's most talked-about celebrity, who has no problem with smoking a joint onstage or posing naked in her provocative music videos. Since today is her birthday, we would like the share some of her most memorable moments in her career so far! Click on the pics to check out!
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Happy 45th Birthday, Will Smith! Here Is Your Life Through Pictures!

Wednesday 8:50 PM, 25/09/2013
Hey cowboy! Will and his family in 2003. Look how young Jaden Smith was! 2010. Back in the days when he still performed. Will Smith wax work. Once he shaved his head - bad mistake! 2011. Hey cutie! He really hasn't aged a bit, has he? Will today!
Today one of our favorite actors, Will Smith, turns 45. We've known him from ever since he did Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the '90s, until today, being a family father and a well-known actor. We'll celebrate his birthday today by looking back at his career. Click on the pics and see his life through pictures!
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Happy 32nd Birthday Beyonce! Let's Celebrate Queen B Today!

Wednesday 1:23 PM, 04/09/2013
2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. 2012. 2013.
Today is not just any day, it's Beyonce's birthday! We figured we'd celebrate our favorite star a little extra today by taking a trip down memory lane. We've searched our archives for pics from when Queen B first started her career, 'til now, being one of the biggest superstars there are. Click on the pics and check out some highlights from her career!

Happy birthday, Bey!
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Happy Birthday, Britney!

Sunday 5:01 PM, 02/12/2012
Britney, the middle child of three kids, wanted to be a star from a really young age. Britney Spears appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club! She became a world wide sensation! Who hasn't had Britney as a childhood idol? At the top of the world! Her greatness can not be described. Good girl gone bad! Do you remember this famous scene? Of course you do, it's from her music vide Toxic! We'll forever love you! The famous kiss with Madonna at the 2003 MTV Music Awards. Britney and her ex Kevin Federline (that douchebag!). Happy birthday Britney!
Britney Spears - the name is legend around the world! She was the little girl born in Mississippi, who grown up in Louisiana and became a world wide pop phenomenon. From a young age, Britney was an entertainer and she became our childhood idol, our princess, our number one star. It's impossible to imagine a world in which she doesn't exist, and since she's turning 31 this Sunday, we wanna take a moment to celebrate her for being a living legend and introduce pop music in our childhood hearts! Britney Spears has had a crazy life and we've collected some of the most memoriable moments. Happy birthday, Britney! We'll love you forever!
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Happy Belated Birthday Nicole Scherzinger!

Thursday 9:37 AM, 21/06/2012
You still look like 25, Nicole!
Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her 33rd birthday at TAO Nightclub i Las Vegas. Hooray!
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