Miley Cyrus Is Expecting....

Thursday 8:50 AM, 25/08/2011
Congrats Brenda and Trace!

Congrats Brenda and Trace!



To be an aunt! Her brother, Trace Cyrus, and his Disney actress gf, Brenda Song, are expecting their first baby! Trace and Brenda have been together for a few months now, so it's a bit soon, but we're still really excited for them!

Trace used to date Demi Lovato and Brenda used to date Joe Jonas, which is a bit funny because Joe and Demi used to date too! Such a small world! Anyways, congrats to Trace and Brenda! What do you think the bebe will look like? And will Miley be a good aunt?
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Honest_Girl (Posh24 member) 1
25/08/2011 10:57 AM
You are idiots posh! First of all, these news were
released like yesterday, and your headline is SO
wrong! "Miley Cyrus is expecting" -.- yes yes I
know it says to be an aunt under, but it's still
very wrong.Also, their kid will probably be super
ugly if

Honest_Girl (Posh24 member) 2
25/08/2011 10:58 AM
I feel sorry for Brenda

ew(non member) 3
25/08/2011 12:49 PM
what does she see in him?

yuck(non member) 4
25/08/2011 3:29 PM
i cant possibly think of her actually doing it
with him. you're right what does she see in

Elina(non member) 5
25/08/2011 4:50 PM
Trace looks kinda hot in the photo with Miley and
Billy Ray.
Why didn't he stay looking like that
instead of tattooing and piercing every bodypart?

Katerina(non member) 6
25/08/2011 4:56 PM
Omg... And Brenda is only 23. I mean jeez. Ok have
a baby as early as you want but with a
more..appropriate father...

anke(non member) 7
25/08/2011 5:11 PM
i argee with katerina

people..(non member) 8
25/08/2011 5:46 PM
Obviously its a accident baby. What kind of a
couple wants a baby after a couple months of
dating? And Trace doesnt look like hes ready to be
a father so...obviously a mistake baby :/

OMG(non member) 9
25/08/2011 6:53 PM
He obviously looks like he's not going to be a
very good father. And it has just been a couple of
months of dating. There is no way she is just
going to get pregnant with him after a couple of

Ermmm.(non member) 10
26/08/2011 12:08 AM
I know it is kinda early and stuff but now I am
talking about the comments. What about Trace's
appearance makes him "not reading to be a father"?
How does his body make a difference? Why is
everyone so against it? Yes, they may split in a
year with a chil

Maysee(non member) 11
26/08/2011 1:30 AM
This is wrong!! Her not being married and having a
baby at 23
It's just not a good when she's a role
model for kids
This is wrong what celebs do these
We don't need girls preggy at 16 and the
Ends up leaving !! It's just really sad
to c

HeySoulsister(non member) 12
26/08/2011 1:41 AM
This title was completely misleading!

LoonyGirl (Posh24 member) 13
26/08/2011 11:06 AM
Woww!! Brenda Song is only 23 -;- Thats how old my
new teacher is! I think shes to young for a baby
maybe next time Brenda wait just a tiny bit more,
but we're happy for them xD

Lazza(non member) 14
26/08/2011 11:28 AM
I think its great that their expecting their
how can u judge someone on being a good
father or not on what they look like
my Mum had
her first when she was 21 and my sister when she
was 19
and i think they will both be good parents
and miley cyru

OMG(non member) 15
26/08/2011 11:55 AM
OMG i cant believe she is already pregnant and she
is so young too.

BRRRenda(non member) 16
26/08/2011 3:00 PM
OF ALL MEN... whyyy

(Facebook member) 17
26/08/2011 4:52 PM
hes so awful and ugly !
she too

led1222(non member) 18
26/08/2011 7:24 PM
Guys she is an adult she's not too young plus
she's not a disney star anymore you are right
about them nt being married and him being ugly lol
but she is a grown woman.

Wowww(non member) 19
27/08/2011 9:10 PM
well isn't it obivious? Its a accident child...
Has to be, if they have been together for only 2

iEEW(non member) 20
28/08/2011 10:09 AM
Ewww Brenda And Trace ! no not good ...

Omgg x (non member) 21
28/08/2011 10:13 AM
My mum was 20 when i was borned

EWWW...(non member) 22
29/08/2011 2:06 AM
eww Trace s ugly ..

Anett(non member) 23
31/08/2011 2:14 PM
i love Trace but now im seariously shocked...-.-

Zack(non member) 24
03/09/2011 1:42 PM
Wow i can't handle how hot she is! All i want to
see is her and vanessa hudgens going to town on

Bgirl(non member) 25
12/09/2011 4:25 AM
i think brenda and miley will be really close i'm
soo happy for them but trace did u have to tatoo
ur self u were so ansome but what did u do to

Ginger(non member) 26
14/09/2011 1:32 AM
Guys I understand why you think its too early or
he is ugly or what not, but dont you think that is
her decision? I mean if she is in love with HIM
not his looks then, whatever. You shouldnt judge
someone by how they look

nyunyipineda (Posh24 member) 27
24/09/2011 8:19 PM
ur better than this brenda!!

cassiemarvin16(non member) 28
18/10/2011 1:01 AM
seriously guys? this is all lies, brenda and trace
have been dating for A YEAR not a couple of
months,and seriously who cares about him being
tatted up? i know plenty of guys that have tattoos
but are still great guys

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