Dido Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Monday 11:05 AM, 26/12/2011
Dido Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Congrats Dido!

We bet singer Dido had have a really merry Christmas! She and husband Rohan Gavin welcomed a little baby boy on Sunday. It's the couple's first child and they've named him Stanley. It means the little baby boy shares name with the fiction character "Stan", from Dido's 2000's hit with Eminem. You know the song about a crazy Eminem-fan who bombards the rapper with letters in the hope he will get a respond. But when he doesn't get any reply, Stan seals his fate by killing his girlfriend and their unborn child, before committing suicide. Maybe a bit weird to give your child that name... (usmagazine)

Anyways, we're super happy for her and her husband! Congrats you guys!

Check out the video for the song "Stan" here!

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