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When celebs get babies they automaticly get star status. Look at all the cute babies here!
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Ryan Phillippe Becomes Third-Time Dad!

Friday 8:36 AM, 08/07/2011
Alexis Knapp! The newborn's mother. Ryan has a boy and a girl together with Reese Witherspoon from their previous marriage. Things came to a rapid end between Ryan and blonde beauty Amanda Seyfried.
Ryan Phillippe sure gets around! But with looks like that, who can really blame all the ladies who fall for him? On 1th of July, Ryan became a fath...READ MORE ▶
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And the name of Natalie Portman's baby is...

Thursday 8:33 AM, 07/07/2011
Her baby isn't the only thing Natalie tries to keep secretive...
Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman has kept very secretive about her newborn baby boy. Not a single photo of him has leaked since his birth in J...READ MORE ▶
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Devon Aoki and her Hubby take their Baby out for a stroll!

Monday 6:05 PM, 04/07/2011
We spotted Sin City star Devon Aoki and her hubby James Bailey take their newborn baby boy out for a stroll in Los Angeles yesterday. Devon gave birth little over a month ago, and she seems to be enjoying motherhood and summer vacation rather than going crazy with a post baby diet. Good for her we say! She looks just as gorgeous as a size 10 as she does size 0!
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Rachel Zoe & Her Baby Go Out For Coffee!

Monday 2:02 PM, 04/07/2011
We spotted celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler go out for coffee at a Starbucks in Los Angeles yesterday. They were accompanied by their nanny who was wearing an earpiece, and it made us wonder what job actually is the hardest... Being Rachel's assistant, or being her nanny?

We have all seen the stressful life she and her assistants lead in the reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project", but what is life really like for those involved with her baby? Hurry up and give us "The Skyler Project" so we can find out!
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Victoria Beckham Talks Baby Girl Fashion!

Monday 12:35 AM, 04/07/2011
Victoria Beckham is due to give birth to her baby girl any day now. To People Magazine she recently let slip a thing or two about the toddler's war...READ MORE ▶
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Denise Richards Welcomes a Baby Girl!

Thursday 8:39 AM, 30/06/2011
Denise Richards is a mom! With her ex, Charlie Sheen, Denise is the already the mom to two sweet girls, Lola and Sam, but now she has welcomed anot...READ MORE ▶
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