Carson Kressley

11 November 1969, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA
45 years

Carson Kressley was the fashion expert on the American television program Queer Eye, where he was one of the show's "Fab Five" members.

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Carson Kressley keeps well hydrated!

Thursday 8:29 AM, 10/07/2008
Smoothie... Different smoothie... No no no more fags!
Carson Kressley makes sure he keeps hydrated as he films a segment for the US version of the TV show "How to Look Good Naked". Carson was seen with a variety of soft drinks as he filmed under the hot Californian sun and at one point he was even spotted smoking! He was very fashionable and thanks god for that since its what he's supposed to be best at! He wore white trousers and a blue t-shirt that made him look very clean!
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