Carrie Underwood Country Awards Makeup Disaster!

The New American Country Awards took place in Las Vegas last night and big stars like Jewel, Brett MIchaels and Lady Antebellum were all there. The lady of the night, recently given a lifetime achievement, Carrie Underwood was on the Red Carpet too. Unfortunately we couldn't take our eyes off of her for all the wrong reasons!

She had a white powder makeup problem of epic proportions. It wasn't just bad lighting either, you could see the white under eyes on every photo! It looks like she is trying to cover up a black eye or something! Didn't she look in the mirror before arriving at a major event like this?!
Jewel and husband Ty Murray
Nancy O'Dell
Jewel and husband Ty Murray
Hilary Scott of Lady Antelbellum
Laura Bell Bundy
Shea Fisher
Hilary Scott of Lady Antelbellum
Carrie Underwood
Shea Fisher
Bret Michaels
There it is again!
Kaley Cuoco
Brett Michaels
Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum
Carrie Underwood
Its still there!
Carrie Underwood
Even here!
Published Dec 7 2010 6:32 PM
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