Is Cameron Diaz engaged?

Friday 6:00 PM, 12/09/2008
Is Cameron Diaz engaged?

Soon to be Mrs Sculfor?

Soon to be Mrs Sculfor?

Pretty sailor-inspired outfit!

Pretty sailor-inspired outfit!

Tell us Cameron!

Tell us Cameron!
Cameron Diaz leaves the gym in West Hollywood flashing a curious band on her ring finger. Is she trying to trick us? She just got back together with her ex-boyfriend, the hot Paul Sculfor. Maybe the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level?
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Anonym(non member) 1
12/09/2008 11:20 PM
Om hon var förlovad så skulle ringen sitta på

jojo (Posh24 member) 2
29/09/2008 10:48 PM
i think cam should stay alone for a while!any ways
nice shot of the ring guys!

;)(non member) 3
30/11/2008 5:54 PM
maybe i dont know.....
she"s so good actor ! :)
love she < 3

Rochelle :)(non member) 4
13/01/2009 8:10 PM
shee Looks Old and ugly,what guy would go for
and if you have an oppinion on this
different then mine,IDONTCAREBABE!.

cameron is best(non member) 5
11/02/2009 10:05 PM
mabe she don´t want to have a lot of discussions
about her and she´s boyfriend, she is best

coco(non member) 6
17/02/2009 12:31 AM
Cameron Diaz is sweet and she still looks

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