Cameron Diaz returns a lost dog!

Monday 6:17 PM, 25/08/2008
Cameron Diaz returns a lost dog!

Cameron Diaz saved the day for a local pet owner who had lost her injured German shepherd. Diaz found the dog outside her Hollywood home and brought him in. While her assistant posted a Found German Shepherd sign on the street, Diaz gave the animal food, water, and some well-needed loving attention. The owner drove by Cameron's house when she was looking for the dog in the neighborhood, she saw the sign and was relieved to find the dog in such a good care.
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Cheryl .x(non member) 1
15/10/2008 8:05 PM
Now Thats What A True & Kind Hearted Person Would
Do! I Know Some Celebrities; Who I Will Not Name
And Shame, Who Would Just Leave the Poor Dog Alone
Until Someone Else Found Him/Her. A Bet The Owner
Had a Shock when She Discovered Her dog At Cam's

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