Cameron Diaz Is Writing Diet Book For Teens! Would You Read It?

Wednesday 4:02 PM, 13/06/2012

Cameron Diaz has just announced that is she is writing a diet book for teenage girls after becoming inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's success in the health and diet world. Cameron's goal is to stop teens "fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being health is more important." This is an issue that is really important to Cameron.

For part of research on the book, Cameron will visit high schools all across the US to talk to teens about their food choices. The book with focus on advice from top nutritionists and some of Cameron's A-List friends like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez. It's a really good idea and we bet Cameron will be really successful. Can't wait to read the book, Cammy! (eonline)
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