Cameron Diaz

30 August 1972, San Diego, USA
42 years

John Mayer, Jared Leto, Matt Dillon, Edward Norton, Vince Vaughn, Robbie Williams, Kelly Slater, Criss Angel, Justin Timberlake, Paul Sculfor
Cameron Diaz is an American actress who started out as a model. Her first role was playing against Jim Carrey in The Mask. Cameron Diaz is a very superstitious blonde who loves to dance and often is late. Her best friend is Drew Barrymore.

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Cameron Diaz Desperately Tried To Hit On Robert Pattinson!

Wednesday 8:08 AM, 07/11/2012
Try hit on someone your own age, Cam!
Cameron Diaz clearly doesn't read celebrity news - at all! The single actress desperately tried to flirt with Robert Pattinson (who's with Kristen ...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Or Not: Cameron Diaz Top To Toe Yellow?!

Wednesday 1:32 PM, 31/10/2012
We all live in a yellow submarine..... Right Cameron Diaz? It's Halloween, but to Cameron it's Easter as she dresses up in a fun yellow outfit. Question is, is it hot or not? As always it is up to YOU to decide. Check out the pictures, make up your mind and don't forget to vote!


Hot Or Not?!

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Watch video: Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow Rap!

Sunday 3:14 PM, 14/10/2012
We never thought we would see this! When TV-host Chelsea Handler moved into a new studio, girl pals Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow decided to giv...READ MORE ▶
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Top 6! Worst Dressed Stars Of The Week!

Tuesday 9:14 PM, 25/09/2012
Anne Hathaway. Not our cup of tea. Karolina Kurkova brought a tent on the red carpet. Wonder what she's hiding underneath! Why are everyone dressed like old ladies this week, Lady Gaga? Have we missed something!? Nicki Minaj, that's a bra! Not a shirt! Cameron Diaz was out partying in her pajamas.
We're disappointed! These 6 stars normally dresses really well, but this week something must've gone really wrong somewhere - because what on earth are they wearing?! Sarah Jessica Parker wrapped her old grandma's curtains around her and thought that could pass for a dress and Nicki Minaj forgot what a t shirt looks like. Click on the pics and tell us if you agree!
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Top 6! Best Dressed Celebrities This Week!

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 29/08/2012
Audrina Patridge matching shorts with boots- lovely combo! The Louis Vuitton bag and the floral jacket makes this outfit the perfect everyday wear, Christina Ricci! Those shorts are to die for, Cameron Diaz! Pregnant Fearne Cotton in a cute gray dress. January Jones makes sweatpants look great!
Here we go again! We love how Hollywood's fashionista celebrities always inspire us with what to wear and when, and this week is certainly no exception! Jessica Alba looked office chic in her cute suit and newly pregnant Fearne Cotton had that amazing glow in a gray dress. Click on any of the pictures to check out their looks!
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Fashion Battle!

Who Wore It Best?! Cameron Diaz Vs. Sophia Bush!

Monday 7:02 PM, 20/08/2012
Sophia Bush? Or Cameron Diaz?
It's not easy being original in Hollywood, and two stars that must've felt that way are Cameron Diaz and Sophia Bush. They both looked smashing in an orange, very simple, gala gown. They both matched the dress with a sequin clutch and cute bangles. But there's a winner in everything and so it is today. Who wore the orange dress best? Vote!


Who Looked Better In All Orange?

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