Cameron Diaz

30 August 1972, San Diego, USA
41 years

John Mayer, Jared Leto, Matt Dillon, Edward Norton, Vince Vaughn, Robbie Williams, Kelly Slater, Criss Angel, Justin Timberlake, Paul Sculfor
Cameron Diaz is an American actress who started out as a model. Her first role was playing against Jim Carrey in The Mask. Cameron Diaz is a very superstitious blonde who loves to dance and often is late. Her best friend is Drew Barrymore.

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Yes! They have dated!

Wednesday 5:07 PM, 25/11/2009
Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix met on a movie set back in 1997 and there was an instant spark! Joaquin still only speaks highly of Liv, saying she is so real and genuine and not like a movie star at all! Sweet! In 2003 British pop star Robbie Williams was spotted romancing actress Cameron Diaz on the beach in Santa Monica, but of course, it didn't last! Shia La Beouf and Rihanna went on a date just before they both got really famous in 2007, but Shia says there was no chemistry so now they are just friends. Way back in 1982 Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear were seen together a lot and many people thought they were dating, but Heather says now, she doesn't even think they kissed! Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore dated in the summer of 2007 and many thought they would be Hollywood's next hot couple, but nothing came of it!
Wow, it never gets less amazing how small Hollywood actually is and how it seems almost all the stars know each other! They seem to know each other really well if you know what we mean! Sometimes we think almost anyone who is anyone have dated each other! Check out this surprising list of people who were once in involved in a romance, even though most of these didn't last very long! The biggest shock for us was Fergie and Justin Timberlake, she is so much older than he is! Take a look!
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Celebity Look-alikes!

Friday 3:56 PM, 13/11/2009
Which one is Shakira and which one is Beyonce - can you tell? Helena Christensen and Cameron Diaz Gwen Stefani and Brittany Murphy Courtney Love and Madonna! Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba
We can't get over how some celebrities look so similar! This week's lookalikes are scarily the same! With some of these pictures we bet you will have a hard time telling which picture is which celebrity! For example Shakira and Beyonce! They get mistaken for each other so often they even made a music video together because of it! See who else could be twins!

Here is the Beyonce-Shakira video:
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Who look most alike?

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Style Tips: What's Hot and Not This Fall!

Tuesday 6:37 PM, 13/10/2009
Jessica Alba shows off her perfectly ripped jeans and Miley shows why everyone is tired of their liquid leggings! Kate Moss is a trendsetter in loafer shoes, while Amy Winehouse is off-trend with her ballet flats. Don't buy another boring black coat like Vanessa Hudgens this Fall, go bright and bold like Katherine Heigl Sparkly one-sleeve dresses are so hot right now, wear yours like Taylor Swift and don't hang on to your flowy summer dresses. Taylor Momsen herself has dropped that style! Be Posh and wear thigh high boots and put those cowboy boots away Hilary Duff!
Every season new trends come into fashion and old favourites go out of style. This Fall their are some major changes and cool additions to what is hot. Make sure like Beyonce,Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham you are on top of the best trends and don't get left behind like Amy Winehouse and Cameron Diaz! Click on the pictures to see which trends are hot and which are not and why! Vote for your favourite Fall 2009 trend too!


What is your favourite Fall trend?

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On set

Cameron Diaz: Armed and Dangerous!

Tuesday 10:20 AM, 13/10/2009
Cameron Diaz: Armed and Dangerous!
She is so funny! Bust a move Cameron!
We are sure Cameron Diaz doesn't usually run around the streets with a gun, this is her filming scenes for her new film Wichita in Boston yesterday! Cameron must be one of the only people we know who could still look cute while holding a weapon! She wore an adorable yellow dress, parasol and boots while she shot the suspence-filled action scene. What a cool job she has!
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Fashion Battle!

Top List: People Magazine's Best Dressed 2009!

Thursday 6:34 PM, 17/09/2009
Freida Pinto: Best use of colour Beyonce: Best street chic Taylor Swift: Best in sparkle Kim Kardashian: Best bikinis Cameron Diaz: Best jeans Reese Witherspoon: Best short dresses Nicole Richie: Best maternity style Michelle Obama: Best accessible glamour Kate Winslet: Best on the red carpet
Every year celebrity magazine People puts together a best dressed list focusing on what different celebs have been wearing throughout the year. The list is divided into different categories, like "Best on the red carpet" and "Best street style". This year some of our favourite stylistas like High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, singing diva Beyonce and actress Cameron Diaz all made the list. Check it out and vote on your favourites!


Who is your favourite stylista?

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Excuse me?

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's Secret Meeting!

Tuesday 7:05 AM, 15/09/2009
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's Secret Meeting!
She looks a little sleepy, it was early in the morning!
Don't worry we don't think Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are doing a Brangelina, yet! That might all change soon though, you never know in Hollywood! Seriuosly, these two are about to shoot a movie together called Wichita. It is the first time Cameron and Tom will be working together since they made Vanilla Sky together way back and this new movie is set to be a huge a blockbuster! Exciting! No wonder they are trying to be as secretive as possible with the meetings and filming!

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