Cam Gigandet

16 August 1982, Tacoma, Washington, USA
32 years

Dominique Geisendorff
Cam Gigandet is an actor. He played parts in tv-series like The O.C and Jack and Bobby. Cam Gigandet also apppeared in several movies like "Twilight" and "Never back down".
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Worst Celebrity Habit: Smoking!

Monday 5:04 PM, 18/07/2011
Jesse Metcalfe just doesn't seem so hot anymore with a cigarette in his hand.... Courtney Love smoking isn't a surprise but it's still just as bad! Come on Cam Gigandet, you're a dad. You should be a better role model for your daughter than that! Rumer Willis also has this disgusting habit! Paris Hilton can't have a nice breath, that's for sure! Is this really good for your modeling career, Rosie? Russel Brand has the same bad habit as his wife Simon Cowell always seems to think he's so cool. Well, he's not! Lindsay Lohan has a lot of problems. With drugs, alcohol and smoking!
Everyone has their vices, like biting your nails, procrastinating, or staying up way too late. And while these habits are bad, they won't kill you! But there is one habit that is REALLY stupid and actually can kill you... smoking! We all know about the bad side effects and the terrible smell, but some celebs just can't seem to kick this ugly habit!

Some of our favorite celebs just don't seem to get that smoking isn't cool! Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who is a model, but how do you think she will look after years of smoking? Or Katy Perry, who we think is really cool except for when she smokes! As much as we love and admire these celebs this stuff really disappoints us. Come on you guys! You should know better than that!
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Picture special

Wednesday 9:02 PM, 18/05/2011
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Cher's Funky Fashion at the Burlesque Premiere!

Tuesday 5:25 PM, 14/12/2010
Kristen Bell Christina Aquilera Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Immodesty Blaize Red drama! Cam Gigandet hotness Ellie Goulding Bianca Gascoigne Abi Titmuss The movie director  Steven Antin Kristen Bell Pretty! Christina Aguilera The Hurly Burly Girls Paloma Faith
This is why Cher is still on top of the fame game after all these years! She is never boring and she always makes a statement on the red carpet! We loved her fire-orange hair and sexy lace outfit last night at the premiere of her latest movie Burlesque!

Cher completely outshone her co-stars Christina Aguilera and Kristen Bell on the red carpet and her only competition for over the top fab came from the Hurly Burly Dancers and Paloma Faith's dramatic look. Here are all the pictures!

The movie trailer too!
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Street Style: Movie Star Fashion Straight off the Street!

Wednesday 6:27 PM, 18/08/2010
Amber Heard tries out a ladylike hat and classic dress Cam Gigandet looks gorgeous in his retro inspired street look! Heather Graham is a total mix and match almost mess in this outfit! Rachel McAdams beats out the summer rain in a chic little black waterproof coat and a cute beanie Giovanni Ribisi looking stylish with a hat Natalie Portman in a checkered house dress a matching bag and sunglasses Eliza Dushku adorable in a red and white smocked summer dress and adding a bit of edge with some slouchy boots We are loving this femme blouse and shorts style on Mischa Barton!
The season's are changing and outfits on the streets are becoming more layered and interesting. Check out what stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel McAdams and hipster Cam Gigandet mixed and matched on the streets this week.
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On a date?

Christina Aguilera Running Away with Cam Gigandet?

Tuesday 7:55 PM, 12/01/2010
Christina Aguilera Running Away with Cam Gigandet?
yum! Loving the attitude Christina!
What's going on here - Christina Aguilera riding off into the sunset with hot young actor Cam Gigandet?! Of course not! Both these stars are happily married with kids too, of course! Christina and Cam are shooting their new movie together that's all. But you probably figured that out already! The movie is called Burlesque) and its a musical! We can't wait to see if Cam can sing!
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Cam Gigandet Can Feel the Stress of Parenthood!

Tuesday 10:28 AM, 05/01/2010
Cam Gigandet Can Feel the Stress of Parenthood!
As many of you already know (especially all you Twilight fans out there) hottie Cam Gigandet is not only taken but also a relatively new father! We spotted the Gigandets out and about in West Hollywood and even though Cam is probably loving every minute of fatherhood he did look a little tired! Having a small child at home isn't easy but as cute as Everleigh is we doubt Cam can hold it against her!
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