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Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion brand found by Calvin Klein but finally sold to the shirt maker Philips-Van Heusen. The brand is known for their clothes and scents like Obsession, One and Eternity. Calvin Klein is also famous for making underwear ads trendy. The brand name is actually one of the world's most valuable alongside Pepsi, Kodak, IMDB and Nike.
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Hot like no other

Eva Mendes is one hot mama!

Sunday 1:39 AM, 19/10/2008
I hope you haven't missed Calvin Klein's new commercials for the perfume Secret Obsession? If so, we should tell you that they are definitley worth seeing since the model featured in the commercials is none other than the gorgeous Eva Mendes. Here she is leaving the Calvin Klein party in Madrid the other day and doesn't she look great in her purple dress?!
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What a diva!

Eva Mendes secret obsession of herself!

Tuesday 2:42 PM, 30/09/2008
Hot Eva!
Cool shoes Busted!
Eva Mendes seems beautiful, sweet, and humble, but vanity may be one of her vices. The actress left a Hollywood 7-11 convenience store with a stack of magazines, one of which displayed an ad with her face. Eva is the newest model for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession perfume and the campaign has fans buzzing over the racy nature of several of the ads. However, Eva is strong-minded and feels no embarrassment over the provocative nature of the ads, or her own romantic exploits.
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Swede Freddie Ljungberg is a real international celebrity!

Thursday 4:18 PM, 17/04/2008
Sweden's own Fredrik Ljungberg was seen arriving at the exclusive London restaurant Cipriani to have dinner last night! Freddie has as you may already know become a real international star thanks to his lucrative deal with Calvin Klein underwear! He's even done a photo shoot with supermodel Natalia Vodianova, imagine that!
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