Brooke Mueller

19 August 1977, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
37 years

Brooke Mueller is an american actress who on May 30, 2009 married the american actor Charlie Sheen. In December 25, 2009 Charlie Sheen was arrested for abusing and threatening Brooke Mueller and they later got divorced during 2010.
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Charlie Sheen Is Engaged To Porn Star Brett Rossi!

Sunday 10:50 AM, 16/02/2014
Charlie Sheen has gotten engaged again. The "Anger Management" star proposed to porn star Brett Rossi on Valentine's Day. The couple reporte...READ MORE ▶
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Real or Fake: Friendship Edition

Friday 9:09 PM, 16/12/2011
Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz were both in Pirates of the Caribbean. This looks real! Usher and Janet Jackson Serena Williams gets a hug AND a kiss from Pierce Brosnan, real real real! Sisters Peaches and Pixie Geldof. Has to be real. Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, friends or frenemies? We've never seen them together outside of the Gossip Girl set.. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry says bye with a hug after having dinner together! Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker Gwyneth Paltrow's smile looks a little stiff while hugging Penelope Cruz Paris Hilton hugging Brooke Mueller, you know Charlie Sheens ex... that's just weird!
We love our favorite celebrity friendships like Leighton Meester and Blake Lively! But we wonder: are they really friends when the cameras aren't rolling? We've spotted some famous celeb friends giving big hugs, and we also saw some celebs who we didn't know even knew each other like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. So the big question is: are they really friends or are they just faking for the cameras? Click on the pics and decide for yourself!
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Top 10 Cheaters: Celebrity Edition!

Friday 6:03 PM, 10/06/2011
9. Eric Benet cheated on the most beautiful woman ever, Halle Berry. Eric claimed he had a "sex addiction." We call it "being unfaithful." 8. Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegren. Shame, shame! 7. Meg Ryan cheated on Dennis Quaid with Russell Crowe. Woah! 6. Jude Law was unfaithful to Sienna Miller with the nanny. 5. Uh oh! Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute! 4. Crazy Charlie Sheen was unfaithful to wife Brooke Mueller by sleeping with a paid the bed he shared with Brooke! 3. Ethan Hawke cheated on gorgeous Uma Thurman with the nanny! 2. Who would ever cheat on Reese Witherspoon? Well, Ryan Phillippe did with Abbie Cornish. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on wife, Maria Shriver, with their housekeeper AND had a child with her!
Naughty naughty! Even the most in love couples (or seemingly most in love) have their problems. Like when one cheats on the other. And that is a READ MORE ▶
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Charlie Sheen and Brooke are FINALLY Divorced

Monday 9:00 PM, 02/05/2011
Crazy, crazy, crazy Charlie!
It's about time! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are officially divorced. Their extremely dysfunctional relationship has been going on long enough...READ MORE ▶
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Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab - Charlie Wants the Babies!

Tuesday 12:54 PM, 19/04/2011
Crazy people - why did they have babies?!
We feel so sorry for Charlie Sheen and ex Brooke Mueller's twin babies! Their mother has just gone back to rehab after she refused to take a drug test this week and according to the court, that is the same as testing negative. So crazy Charlie is using this to try to make the court give him full custody of the babies now that Brooke needs help in rehab. Is there no one else who can look after these babies?!
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Paris Hilton Lashes Out At Charlie Sheen!

Sunday 9:23 AM, 06/03/2011
BFFs! Brooke & Charlie
If you didn't already know, Paris Hilton is close friends with Charlie Sheen's ex wife Brooke Mueller. Brooke is also quite heavily featured in Par...READ MORE ▶
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