Brody Jenner

21 August 1983, Los Angeles, USA
31 years

Kristin Cavallari, Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Haylie Duff, Ryan Parker, Paris Hilton
Brody Jenner is an American model and actor. Has dated actresses Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad from the reality tv-show Laguna Beach. He is also rumored to have dated Nicole Richie.
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Avril Lavigne Wears The Pants in her Relationship!

Monday 8:42 PM, 14/02/2011
They are always together! Lose the dumb hair now Avril!
It must be fun to be Avril Lavigne! She has a hunk and combination hunk/bodyguard with her wherever she goes! That's right, it looks like Brody Jenner has given up his Bromance lifestyle to follow Avril all around the world as she sticks to her busy music career schedule! We spotted the couple outside their hotel in London last night and its easy to see who is in charge! Its all about Avril! Brody could just be another bodyguard, this girl is definitely the star!
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Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Still Going Strong!

Monday 7:34 AM, 11/10/2010
They may be an odd couple but Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner are still going strong! We spotted the celebrity couple having dinner at Taverna Tony's in Malibu yesterday and even though it was casual we wish Brody would have worn something with sleeves and thrown those flip-flops away!
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Lauren Bosworth Kickstarts Her New Career!

Sunday 8:01 AM, 05/09/2010
Now that The Hills is over it's time for Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner and the rest of the gang to find new jobs! Lauren "Lo" Bosworth has already kickstarted her new career as internet entrepreneur and yesterday she celebrated the launch of her new lifestyle website at Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas! Boring dress but we love the green Chanel bag!
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Brody Jenner Obsessed with Avril Lavigne!

Monday 8:41 PM, 09/08/2010
The Avril tattoo...
Talk about being in love! First Brody Jenner got a tattoo of his new girlfriend punk princess Avril Lavigne's name on his arm and now he has a haircut dedicated to her too! We spotted the two love birds laughing and walking around Los Angeles yesterday and Brody has shaved a big "A" for Avril into his hair. He obviously can't get enough of her and she seems to love it, tattoos are forever, but hair grows is hoping their love will last, otherwise Brody is going to feel pretty silly about all this!
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Thursday 8:00 AM, 15/07/2010
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Tuesday 3:00 PM, 13/07/2010
8. Even Chlöe Sevigny gets it wrong sometimes and this striped t-shirt just doesn't do anything for her! Maybe buy a smaller size next time...or better yet don't buy it at all! 7. Great, we told Claudia Schiffer to throw her ugly jean skirt away and she puts on a green one that looks exactly the same. Seriously Claudia, the color isn't the problem! 6. Patterned pants are all the rave right now but Jade Ewen still didn't manage to get it quite right! We don't like that top at all, a plain white v-necked tee might have saved this outfit! 5. It's ok to dress down once in a while so we still like you Jennifer! Just don't wear this outfit again, even if it does look seriously comfortable! 4. Again, this is Kelis' style but that still doesn't mean we like it. We're sorry Kelis but the dress looks cheap which, is ironic since it probably cost a fortune! 3. Kim Kardashian looks HOT in this outfit, we just hope she understands that she can never wear it again. 2. Too much of everything going on! Rita Ora, take off at least three accessories and this outfit MIGHT work, but just maybe! 1. This week's number one goes to Amy Winehouse for using her bra as a cigarette pack holder. We know that you have fake boobs Amy, you don't have to put them in a push-up bra and show it all off!
Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris means that we had a hard time choosing just nine best dressed outfits this week but surprisingly enough there were more than enough bad outfits to choose from as well! This week's list features Chlöe Sevigny (yes, even she gets it wrong sometimes), Claudia Schiffer (again!) and Kim Kardashian, check out all the pictures below!


Worst dressed this week?

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