Now Or Then: Britney Spears!

Britney Spears has had many up's and down's. Today she's back on track, and we think she'll be unstoppable from now on, but she's gone through hard times too. But she's been in the spotlight for 14 years now, and nothing would be the same without her. But did you like her better back in the Baby One More Time days or are you one of her biggest fans today?
Britney Spears green millitary top hair up back then
Britney Spears white top belly low green shiny pants hat
Britney Spears black polka dot top sheer black cap denim dress
Britney Spears in video for Hit Me Baby One More Time gray cardi white shirt school girl outfit
Britney Spears pink pattern dress curly hair
Britney Spears today denim shorts on stage bra singing performing
Britney Spears black leather dress black shoes shiny blonde hair
Britney Spears performing singing white body silver mask
Britney Spears purple dress low cut blonde hair smokey eyes
Britney Spears purple short top singing performing white gloves white belt
Published Jul 13 2012 11:05 PM
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