Britney Tells All for 10 Milliion Dollars!

Wednesday 8:32 AM, 21/01/2009
Britney Tells All for 10 Milliion Dollars!

Britney Spears has signed a deal to write her own biography! She is going to tell about how she grew up as a star and what caused all the craziness in 2007 in a series of 3-5 books. We can't wait to get our hands on those, especially since she has kept diaries, so the details are sure to be really juicy!
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miss cheeky999(non member) 1
22/01/2009 5:51 PM
she lookssssssssssssssssss

miss cheeky999(non member) 2
22/01/2009 5:53 PM
for a strang reson she looks like Modonna

hehehehehehehehe(non member) 3
22/01/2009 8:44 PM
hoo r u miss cheeky pleese stop putting 2 meny
letters and u r rite she dus look like madonna

donika(non member) 4
23/01/2009 12:09 PM
youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so

darla to.britney(non member) 5
24/01/2009 2:34 AM

hehehehehehehehe(non member) 6
24/01/2009 10:14 AM
ur doing it on purpose!!!

NO(non member) 7
24/01/2009 4:58 PM
You are sooooo damn jealous DONIKA!!

clothes(non member) 8
29/01/2009 12:47 AM
her clothes so balady

your body(non member) 9
01/02/2009 4:10 AM
britny u have gotten better then i thot u looked
write me back

u every were (non member) 10
01/02/2009 4:13 AM
u have gotten prettyer than ever do u like
brownes i hope u do because your getting some

me (non member) 11
01/02/2009 4:17 AM
im 9 years old and now matter what any body sais u
are not ugly or cheeeeky i akt like your little

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