Britney Spears

2 December 1981, Mississippi, USA
32 years

Brit, Pinkey, The Princess of Pop
Jason Allen Alexander, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, Criss Angel, Jared Leto,Colin Farrell, Adnan Ghalib
Britney Spears is one of the most successful popstars in the world and has sold over 32 million albums in the U.S. alone! She released her debut album Baby One More Time in 1999. Britney Spears has dated Justin Timberlake and backup-dancer Kevin Federline with whom she has two sons. Britney's life has been chaotic since the divorce from Kevin Federline. Britney struggled with drug and alcohol problems. After many twists and turns on who had the right to custody of the children it all culminated in Britney Spears having a break-down. After psychiatric treatment and rehab Britney recovered and made a big comeback with her Circus Album.

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Style Tip: Glittery dresses!

Tuesday 3:03 PM, 11/08/2009
Ciara Jennifer Connelly Britney Spears Jessica Alba Kate Moss Paris Hilton Tara Reid Taylor Swift Vanessa Minnillo Katherine Heigl
Everything glittery is good! For once Britney Spears might have started a trend! She wore a sparkly silver dress at last years MTV Music Awards and ever since then shiny metallic dresses have been seen on almost red carpet event this year! From Katherine Heigl's vintage to Vanessa Minnillo's really bright shiny dress to Jennifer Connelly's space age sheen, take some inspiration for how to wear a glittery party dress to your next big event!


Would You wear a glittery dress?!

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Award Show

Teen Choice Awards: Twilight Takes All!

Monday 11:24 AM, 10/08/2009
Emma Roberts The Jonas Brothers: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas Hayden Panettiere Miranda Cosgrove Kristen Stewart Vanessa Hudgens An-Ya Sofia Vassilieva Abigail Breslin Miley Cyrus and Fergie with Miley's mom Chace Crawford Hugh Jackman Brenda Song Victoria Justice Isabelle Fuhrman Megan Fox Kristen Bell Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford Jennifer Morrison Shailene Woodley Kat Von D Nikki Reed Emma Roberts Kourtney Kardashian Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Audrina Patridge Ed Westwick Lea Michele Kim Kardashian India Amanda Bynes Cameron Diaz Leighton Meester Zac Efron Britney Spears Jordin Sparks Fergie Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus Ashley Tisdale Robert Pattinson
Wow this must be a record! Twilight fever is still everywhere, especially at last night's Teen Choice Awards! The movie took almost all the awards it was nominated for! Robert Pattinson won for best actor and co-star Kristen Stewart won for best actress. The movie also won for best romance, best kiss, best fight and best bad guy - phew! Miley Cyrus won 6 awards and Gossip Girl walked away with the best series award with Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester winning awards for their acting.! But who won the best dressed award? You tell us!


Best Dressed Award goes to:

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Britney Shows Off Her Bikini Body!

Friday 6:04 PM, 07/08/2009
Britney Shows Off Her Bikini Body!
Bikini babe Splashing around
We spotted Britney Spears yesterday at the Ritz Hotel in Marina Del Rey doing a poolside photoshoot. That's right she was in a bikini, a tight white one! She is showing off some serious muscle again after months of training and dancing for her massive Circus World tour! It is great to see Britney looking fit and healthy again, she also seems really confident about her looks right now, so lets hope the healthy, strong Britney stays around for a long time!
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What a babe!

Ashley Olsen: "I could have been like Britney"

Thursday 4:44 PM, 06/08/2009
Ashley Olsen: "I could have been like Britney"
Ashley says her style is influenced by her quirky mother Ashley and her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen have been famous since they were babies in the hit tv series Full House
Ashley Olsen is on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine this month and she has a lot to say about her life! She says she feels lucky that she didn?t end up in meltdown mode just like Britney Spears because of her amazing stardom at such a young age! Ashley says that when she was a child star, her life was run like a military school and she never had a minute to herself, to just relax and be a kid. Ashley says what saved her was her passion for fashion and her ability to play with style. She says her raggedy style is deliberate and she enjoys every minute of dressing up! Lucky girl, we are glad you didn?t breakdown either! (Source: AccessHollywood)
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Latest news!

Britney Spears: The Comeback Continues!

Wednesday 11:49 AM, 05/08/2009
Britney Spears: The Comeback Continues!
Yay Britney - the awards queen! The comeback kid!
Anyone who is still doubting that Britney Spears has her career back on track can stop worrying! Britney has just scored 7 MTV Video Music Award nominations! Last year she won 3 of the awards, maybe this year she will be able to top that! We can't believ it was only 2 years ago when that Brit made that horrible train wreck of a performance! We are really hoping she will perform at this year's awards so she can finally put the past behind her! Other nominees include Beyonce and Lady Gaga with a huge 9 nominations each!
Follow this link for the complete list of nominees!
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Breaking News!

Does Britney Have Big News?!

Monday 5:11 PM, 03/08/2009
Does Britney Have Big News?!
whoops, is the flesh flashing Britney back? The big change! Before After!
Just as we were getting used to Britney Spears' new darker hair again, she has gone and made another drastic transformation back to the blonde! But that is not the only thing we noticed when we spotted Britney coming and going from her favourite hair salon in Los Angeles! Please note that HUGE diamond ring on her engagement ring finger! We know Britney and her manager Jason Tranwick are dating and it has rumoured to be serious, but really, is this how you announce your engagement? We wonder if she is looking for attention again or if this is real?
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