Bridget Marquardt Would Rather Wear Underwear!

Sunday 11:08 PM, 29/08/2010

Not that we're really surprised but ex-Playboy model Bridget Marquardt wasn't wearing a whole lot yesterday when she hosted the 'Take A Snow Day' party at the Azure pool party inside The Palazzo. Bridget, in white underwear with beads all over, was joined by her boyfriend Nick Carpenter and Elliot Yamin to name a few!
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....(non member) 1
30/08/2010 11:18 AM
ugly ;/ - invite please

sorry(non member) 2
30/08/2010 11:23 AM - properly

HeySoulsister(non member) 3
30/08/2010 10:29 PM
Who told her that looked good? lol

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