Brad Pitt: Family Man, Celebrity Hunk & Life Saviour!

Saturday 9:41 PM, 27/08/2011
Brad Pitt: Family Man, Celebrity Hunk & Life Saviour!

Just when we thought Brad Pitt couldn't possibly get any cooler, he goes on and rescues a woman from being trampled to death! Brad is currently shooting his new zombie movie "World War Z" in Glasgow, Scotland and in one particular scene, more than 700 extras are packed into George Square to act out a chaotic zombie invasion. In the middle of a take, one female accidentally slipped in the middle of the storming crowds and she could hardly believe her eyes when Brad was the one to pick her up! A source on set said that even though he didn't have time to speak to her then as it was mid-shoot, she told him how grateful she was afterwards, even though the accident did leave her with a badly-grazed knee.

Good job Brad! It's encouraging to know that the heroic gene isn't completely void of all modern celebrities!
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jjooliee (Posh24 member) 1
27/08/2011 9:58 PM
what the hell is this kind of news posh ? BORING !

brad pitt is old news ;)

Cathy(non member) 2
27/08/2011 10:33 PM
Ohh, shut up, jjooliee! Brad Pitt is a great actor
and you can just shut your piehole if you disagree
with the world!

Alexandra.(non member) 3
28/08/2011 10:43 AM,kedi22 - omg, look !

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