Brad Pitt

18 December 1963, Oklahoma, USA
51 years

Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis, Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Christina Applegate, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie
Though Brad Pitt started out as a male model he soon found his calling as an actor when he landed a role in the blockbuster Thelma & Louise. Today he is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and has managed to find his leading lady in Angelina Jolie. The two have both biological and adopted kids together. Brad loves The Planet of the Apes and is best friends with actor Orlando Bloom. Brad Pitt used to be married to actress Jennifer Aniston, but left her in 2005.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt To Separate?!

Sunday 10:12 AM, 24/01/2010
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt To Separate?!
We just received some bad news! According to News of the World the world's most famous couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have signed an agreement stating what happens to their £205 fortune if they divorce. The agreement also outlines a custody plan in which Brad and Angelina will share custody of their six children but the children will live with their mother. The couple is expected to announce their separation soon which will put an end to their five-year-long relationship. What a shame! (Source: News of the World)
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George Clooney's 'Hope For Haiti Now' Telethon Attracts Star-studded Crowd!

Saturday 5:27 PM, 23/01/2010
George Clooney's 'Hope For Haiti Now'  Telethon Attracts Star-studded Crowd!
Jason Bateman and Jared Leto Ellen DeGeneres Emily Blunt Madonna Bruce Springsteen Charlize Theron Sting and Madonna Ricky Martin Rihanna Mark Wahlberg Beyonce Chris Martin Jay-Z Jack Nicholson and Reese Witherspoon Christina Aguilera Jay-Z, Rihanna and Bono performed together! Brad Pitt Russell Brand and Katy Perry George Clooney organized the whole thing! Leonardo DiCaprio Daniel Craig and Russell Brand Stevie Wonder Steven Spielberg Shakira George makes sure everything is going smoothly! Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber Gerard Butler and Jennifer new couple alert?! Gerard and Pierce Brosnan
Wow! George Clooney's 'Hope for Haiti Now'-telethon sure managed to gather a star-studded crowd! Just look at all the celebrities who volunteered to man the phones! We bet callers were surprised to hear Charlize Theron and Leonardo DiCaprio on the other end of the line! Meanwhile Chris Martin, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Bono were among the artists to perform live (though they all performed via satellite from London) as George Clooney supervised the whole thing from Los Angeles!
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Hot Celeb Lineup for MTV's "Hope For Haiti" Telethon!

Friday 1:13 PM, 22/01/2010
Madonna will perform live from NYC Beyonce Rihanna will perform with Beyonce, U2 and Coldplay from London! Shakira Christina Aguilera is part of the celebs performing out of Los Angeles tonight Wyclef Jean Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio Yay, Robert Pattinson! Alicia Keys Bono Justin Timberlake Mary J. Blige Sting Taylor Swift is also performing!
Wow, George Clooney is one of those stars who really can do anything when he puts his mind to it! He has organised a telethon to raise money to help the people of Haiti who were hit by several huge earthquakes in the last 10 day. MTV has jumped in with George and organised some major hit artists like Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Mary J.Blige and Haitian Wyclef Jean (plus many more)to perform live from New York and Los Angeles while the telethon happens tonight on television networks all over the states! Other stars who will make appearances on the telethon are Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio who both already donated a million dollars each personally to Haitian Relief Funds. Oh and did we mention Robert Pattinson will also be live on your TV? If you want to help out you can do the following:
Phone: 877-99-HAITI
Text: Text "GIVE" to 50555
Mail: Hope For Haiti Now Fund, Entertainment Industry Foundation, 1201 West 5th Street, Suite T-700, Los Angeles, CA 90017

The telethon airs from tonight (Friday) at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT on MTV! Its going to be quite a show, just look at all the celebs involved below!
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Top List: GQ Magazine's Most Stylish Men!

Wednesday 2:41 PM, 20/01/2010
Ed Westwick Jude Law Pharrell Williams David Beckham Robert Pattinson Brad Pitt Russell Brand Pete Doherty Cristiano Ronaldo Jay-Z
GQ Men's magazine has made a list of male celebrities they think are the most stylish at the moment! The GQ team has named Johnny Depp their vote for most stylish man, because his style is so unique and different from anyone else's in Hollywood. Here are some of our favourites from their lists. Check it out and vote for your favourites. For the full list click here. We are wondering why stars like George Clooney and Kanye West aren't on the list this year, aren't you?! Share your thoughts!


Who is your most stylish man?

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No Brangelina at the Golden Globes!

Wednesday 11:48 AM, 13/01/2010
No Brangelina at the Golden Globes!
Angie is always one to watch on the red carpet!
Oh no, this makes us sad! Hollywood's most golden couple have decided they aren't attending this year's Golden Globe Awards, even though Brad Pitt's latest movie Inglourious Basterds, has been nominated for awards! We are guessing the couple's decision might be because Brad's ex Jennifer Aniston is set to present an award, and everyone remembers how awkward it was last year when she presented an award right in front of Brangelina at the Oscars! Lets hope we get to see them on the red carpet for this year's Oscars! In the mean time, here is a reminder of how they looked at last year's Golden Globes! (Source: E!
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Love is in the air

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Defy the Rumors!

Thursday 6:20 PM, 07/01/2010
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Defy the Rumors!
Amidst rumors about their unhappy home life Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie left their kids at home last night to enjoy dinner with friends at Alto restaurant in New York. The couple stayed in the restaurant for 6 (!) hours before sharing a candid moment and a laugh together in their town car. We don't know about you but they look pretty happy to us!

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