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Love Girlicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 5:28 PM, 05/08/2008
Girlicious Forever<3
Girlicious<3 Girlicious<3 Girlicious<3 Girlicious<3 Girlicious<3 Chrystina <3<3<3 Nichole <3<3<3 Natalie <3<3<3 Tiffanie <3<3<3
I love girlicious so much i love them forever
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Singer cassie

Tuesday 3:30 PM, 05/08/2008
that's cool She so cute.
Some picures of the singer Cassie. I am a big fan of Cassie and love her songs like: Don't go too slow. I hope you like the pictures! :D
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Ashley Tisdale is so cute and she rocks

Wednesday 9:51 PM, 16/07/2008
Tisdale Love you Hot Cute
Love her she rocks
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She is so cool!

Tuesday 9:26 AM, 06/05/2008
Rihanna is the best!
I love her!
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