Who Wore It Best- Jennifer or Blake?

Tuesday 3:55 PM, 29/06/2010
Who Wore It Best- Jennifer or Blake?

Who wore it best, Jennifer or Blake?
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively wore this sexy lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana at the Sherlock Holmes premiere in December and blew everyone away! Perhaps that's why Jennifer Love Hewitt chose to wear the same dress at the Eclipse premiere in LA yesterday, pairing it with red lips and a pair of gold heels from Yves Saint Laurent (Blake's are Louboutin)! Who wore it best?


Who wore it best?

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ERAMILEY (Posh24 member) 1
29/06/2010 4:20 PM
both of them!!!!!!!

agnesflowers.(non member) 2
29/06/2010 4:59 PM
Jennifer's colour face... ouch!

DODA(non member) 3
29/06/2010 5:58 PM



(Facebook member) 4
29/06/2010 6:56 PM
BOTH !!!!!

astrid(non member) 5
29/06/2010 9:56 PM

leb(non member) 6
30/06/2010 12:04 AM
isnt the color of jennifers face different than
the color of her body

me (non member) 7
30/06/2010 7:41 AM

daddygirl12diva(non member) 8
30/06/2010 10:43 PM
blake wear the best dress ever than the next
person that why i vote for blake thank you for
vote for you blake

BLAAAAHHH(non member) 9
01/07/2010 2:30 AM
It looks like Jennifer got a bad spray tan. Her
whole body except for her face is orange.

Erin(non member) 10
01/07/2010 7:27 PM
This is a hard one...BOTH OF THEM LOOK GREAT!

euuuy(non member) 11
03/07/2010 9:52 PM
definitely Blake!

FwteinhBlake(non member) 12
04/07/2010 12:49 AM
Blake wore it best, of cource!!! With better shoes
and a few weeks before!

lexi(non member) 13
04/07/2010 1:37 AM
jennifer totally wore it better and she is awesome

i am a bitch(non member) 14
04/07/2010 1:39 AM
they both should go suck their daddies balls

itsmebitch(non member) 15
09/07/2010 4:07 AM
thats a hard 1 i have 2 say that they both look
amazingly beutiful

lovw blake(non member) 16
10/07/2010 4:32 AM
blake for sure!!! she is the most beautiful the
drees fit parfectcly with her body but jennifer is
beautiful ...blake win!!

BLAKE4evr(non member) 17
11/07/2010 7:12 PM
oohh jen is out long time ago..blake is the new
coco¡¡ she's like a god of mode.. (L)..

leighton meester rocks(non member) 18
14/07/2010 2:31 AM
blake sucks she looks like a chicken she needs a
tan .. btw they both look so bad in this dress
love ed westwickkkkkkkk

sissy(non member) 19
17/07/2010 4:50 PM
who did jen's make up..its weird wayyy weird
blake looks so gorgeous

roz(non member) 20
18/07/2010 2:52 PM
I think Blake

B(non member) 21
19/07/2010 9:40 AM
Jennifer looks like a sex kitten choosing waves
instead of curls and Blake looks more glam she
obviously wanted to look like an old movie star.
Blake's earrings look so perfect with that dress
but she almost looks dead where Jennifer looks
quite the oppos

SupernaturaLDia(non member) 22
19/07/2010 8:33 PM
I Love Jennifer,but she got too much make up but
Blake Looks amazinG.
BLAKE... :)

blake rocks(non member) 23
20/07/2010 1:47 AM
definitely blake :) <3

jennipher or blake(non member) 24
20/07/2010 9:56 PM
blake i lov this dress nd i tink it lks betta on
blake plus blakes hair nd make-up
gr8......though i spose jennipher lks 0k 2

Me(non member) 25
22/07/2010 1:10 PM
blake has got an hour-glass shaped body so the
dress fits her better
and her subtile make up
and old hollywood hair are a tie breaker
jennifer has over done it with fake tan and the
shade of red lipstick that isn't the bet for her

brunette19(non member) 26
29/07/2010 1:29 PM
my favourite colours are black and blue both of
these ladies are wearing one kof them colours each
but i had to think who suited it better and i
chose blake she's a beautiful blonde with a lovely
black dress unlike jennifer it makes her look
older than sh

brunette19(non member) 27
29/07/2010 1:31 PM
i think blake looks simple and beautiful
jennifer has loaded o0n the fake tan red lupstick
that does NOT suit her,

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