Then & Now: Blake Lively

Newly wedded Blake is a stunning being! Even as a youngster she was pretty as a picture - but what about that teenage fashion?! Click on the pictures to see Blake Lively's style - Then and now!
torn jeans pink pumps belt blue tank top sheer bolero long wavy blonde hair
THEN: Blake Lively was born and raised in a Californian showbiz family, her big break came with 2005's "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"
blake lively low cut jeans denim sheer top pink beige white flowery blonde extensions necklaces
NOW: Blake became a household name in Hollywood as she landed the role of Serena van der Woodsen in tv-series Gossip Girl.
BLAKE LIVELY yellow tube dress heels long blonde wavy hair golden necklace
THEN: Extensions, sheer top and low-cut Jeans. Thank God Blake's style has evolved!
Blake Lively low cut denim jeas short dark grey top green jacket long blonde hair
NOW: Blake is known for being brave when it comes to fun fashion hair-dos!
Blake Lively blue shiny sequin dress red wavy hair pink lips broonze
THEN: Blake at Teen Choice Awards 2005.. what a fashion year....
Blake Lively white sheer lace top flowery blonde red wavy plait braid pink lips
NOW: Two years ago Blake tried a red shade for her long wavy hair. Lovely!
Blake Lively black beige tube dress red lips long wavy blonde hair nailpolish gold earrings
THEN: Another low-cut denim statement as Blake arrived at a lunch party back in 2007.
Blake Lively long blue dress ponytail blonde hair white bag pink red sandal heels sitting on a bench
NOW: Girls all around the world look for fashion inspiration in Serena van der Woodsen's outfits.
Blake Lively lac heels black tights white tunic long blonde hair
THEN: In 2007 Blake rocked thick black tights, a long lose white tunic and messy hair. Bring us back to 2012, please!
Blake Lively yellow halterneck dress long blonde fish braid blue earrings
NOW: This is how we are used to see Blake these days, oh you gorgeous woman!
Published Sep 10 2012 3:11 PM
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