21 November 1965, Reykjavik, Iceland
49 years

Bjork was one of the most popular singers during the 1990's. She has also tried acting in her role in the movie "Dancer in the dark" and is well known for her eccentric taste in clothing. Bjork has two children: a daughter and a son. Three of her most famous songs is "It's Oh So Quiet", "Army of Me" and "Hyperballad".
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It's Finally Official! Grammys 2013: And The Nominees Are...

Thursday 11:16 AM, 06/12/2012
Taylor Swift. Carrie Underwood. Carly Rae Jepsen. Kelly Clarkson. Coldplay.
Soon we're starting off with a brand new year, and with that comes the Grammy gala again! We've seen the list of the nominees this year, and it's r...READ MORE ▶
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All Feathered Up: Chic or Chick?

Thursday 9:04 PM, 05/04/2012
CHIC! Emma Watson shows how to be pretty in black. CHICK! Singer Bjork wore this weird dead swan dress. Feels like something Gaga would wear, not us! CHIC! Katy Perry looked so cute in this nude feather dress. We'd love it! CHICK! Uma Thurman in a boring white feather gown. CHIC! Jennifer Lopez always know how to be glamorous! CHIC! Heidi Klum is also a fan of black feathers. We love her look! CHICK! Too many feathers, Kylie Minogue! CHIC! Paris Hilton's cool feather vest is our new BFF! CHICK! Kelly Rowland looks like a gladiator inspired bird.
Easter is here and celebs make no secret of the fact that they love this holiday. We've spotted ten top celebs like Blake Lively and Heidi Klum wearing feather garments . Dresses, bags, vests - they love it all! But are they très chic or just looking like chicks? Click on the pics and find out right away!
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Top List: 10 Stars With Crazy Style!

Monday 12:04 PM, 26/03/2012
2. Pink, blue, lavender- it's not just Katy Perry's hair that is crazy! Her style is too. 3. Nicki Minaj showed up to the Grammys with her own priest. She is insane! 4. Kesha said, "I want to glow in the dark." And so she did! 5. Bjork in her famous swan dress! 6. Rihanna is the only person we know who would wear a sweatshirt dress and a pair of blue mesh heels! 7. Jessie J in a very see-through dress. Daring or trashy? 8. Tilda Swinton often opts for an androgynous look and is very fashion forward. 9. Fearne cotton often mixes crazy colors like purple, orange, and yellow together! 10. Zooey Deschanel has relatively tame style compared to the rest of the list but she still pushes the limits.
Some of our favorite celebs are known for their daring style. They are true trendsetters even if their fashion is a bit crazy and are looks we would never consider in our own closets. But without these fashion forward celebs the red carpet would be so boring! Click on the pics to see our favorite super styled stars!
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These Stars Give Us Chills! Top 9 Sexiest Nordic Celebs!

Wednesday 7:10 PM, 24/08/2011
2. We LOVE Swedish actress Malin Akerman! She's hot and funny at the same time! 3. Yum! When we first saw Viggo Mortensen in "The Lord of The Rings," we though he was the sexiest man alive! And we still do! 4. You might have seen Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman in the TV show "The Killing"!? He's SOO sexy and we bet he's going to be super famous really soon! 5. Mads Mikkelsen, who starred as the villain in "Casino Royal" has that evil and sexy look that makes our knees week! 6. Super hot super model, Helena Christensen! 7. Pamela Anderson's ex boyfriend, Marcus Schenkenberg, is a Swedish model and we think he's HOT! 8. You all know pop star Robyn from Sweden! We love everything about her! 9. Bjork is one cool chic and is Iceland's most famous star!
It’s not only freezing cold, dark nights, and girls named Inga in Northern Europe! Nope, it’s also crowded with hot, sexy, and talented celebs! After conquering Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, many of our favorite celebs traveled across the Atlantic and took over Hollywood! Famous celebs like Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings," or Danish model, Helena Christensen have us saying "ja tack!"

Click on the pictures to see our Top 9 sexiest Nordic Stars!
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Always Cool! Bjork!

Wednesday 4:10 PM, 01/06/2011
We just love Bjork! We think she is so crazy cool! We haven't seen much of her lately, but here's some photos of her right after a performance! So nice!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 11:47 AM, 07/06/2010
8. Busy Philipps' looks a bit like a sad, overdressed little girl with those braids and the too-big gold dress with the lace detail. Its bordering on totally old fashioned! 7. Stephanie Pratt's silver-stripey dress hangs a bit like a sack on her, again, making her seem totally shapeless except for those long skinny legs of hers. Not a good look for her at all! 6. Jessica Biel has a red carpet style that we just don't understand, there is always something just a little bit off about what she is wearing and this white draped dress is not exception. It ties together at the side and then the lace panel at her tummy - what is it doing there? 5. Singer  Björk is famous for her bad taste, so no big surprise that she showed up on yet another red carpet horrible. She looks like an overstuffed christmas decoration - a cheap homemade one! 4. British celebrity Eliza Dolittle is trying way too hard in this outfit for London College of Fashion Show. We don't mind the shorts so much, but why why why would anyone match it with that top, or that top with that necklace? Fail! 3. We have been watching Lindsay Lohan and her new alcohol monitor bracelet hiding style change over the last week or so and we have to say, the poor girl's style is being seriously cramped! She looked flabby and frumpy in these jeans, jersey and beanie, we hope she gets over herself really soon and finds a way to make the best of it! 2. Stylist Patricia Field is a total fashion guru when it comes to dressing stars like Sarah Jessica Parker for Sex and the City, but her personal style has always been...ummmm lets say....out there! Those pants with the purple shoes and the black corset detail top are a bit ummm scary to us! 1.Speaking of scary! Amy Winehouse was out and about in London this weekend and to us it seems she right back to her partying ways again! She was falling around everywhere, with her new huge breasts falling out all over the place and she is still wearing those  little pink satin ballet pumps everywhere. Time for a new look Amy and a hairstylist, that is a mess again too!
Some of our favourite disaster outfit girls were seen out and about this week, like Lindsay Lohan and Björk, its never going to be pretty when these two ladies are dressing themselves! See who else lost their sense of style this week. Remember to vote too!


Who was worst?

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