Billie Piper

22 September 1982, Swindon, England
32 years

Chris Evans, Laurence Fox
Billie Piper is a British singer/actress who is married to DJ Chris Evans.
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Celebrity Fashion Inspo! Denim Me Up!

Friday 7:02 PM, 12/10/2012
Billie Piper looks ready for fall. Rihanna loves denim on denim. Denim shirts looks great on men to, especially on Kanye West. Ali Larter. Whitney Port is super trendy.
The denim shirt is definitely a modern classic today and we always see celebrities pulling it off in different cool looks- both men and women! Rihanna was spotted looking very... Well, Rihanna (but that's cool!), and we also saw Whitney Port showing off two of this year's biggest trends in one outfit! Click on the pics to see them all!
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Harem Pants: The Worst Trend Ever!

Wednesday 3:17 PM, 07/12/2011
English singer, Myleene Klass, wears gray harem trousers with high heels. 'Doctor Who' actress Billie Piper. English fashion model Erin O'Connor English media personality Kerry Katona. Terrible look! Kylie Minogue even wears harem pants!
We've seen many celebrities wearing harem pants and we're sorry but it's like the worst trend ever! Gwen Stefani really loves this trend, but what is she thinking? It looks like a saggy diaper! If you want to wear lazy pants just go for leggings, at least they had shape to your body! Click to see pics of celebs doing this fashion don't!

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Wednesday 4:27 PM, 09/02/2011
What is it with celebrities who can't decide on a style that suits them for the red carpet? Nicole Kidman and Helena Bonham Carter w...READ MORE ▶
9. Anne Hathaway wore this mismatched, unflattering combination of separates on the red carpet this week. It was for an animated movie, so maybe she was trying to get in touch with her inner cartoon?! 8. Its not Billie Piper's outfit that is bothering as much as that horrible greasy hair is! 7. Maggie Gyllenhaal's love of vintage clothing sometimes goes really wrong and ends up making her look like someones granny or aunty. Case in point with this dotted wrap blouse and skirt! 6. We prefer it when Helena Bonham Carter looks totally whacked out. When she tries to wear a "normal" black dress with pearls, she just looks plain wrong! 5. Even though the color and the print are actually amazing, this dress on Nicole Kidman is a disaster from the silly bow around the neck to the frill on the ankle! Fail! 4. Another blue disaster for Hayden Panettiere! Its just all too much! The tights the velvet with the sheer panels. Pick one design detail and stick to it please! 3. As we said before, its time for Katherine Heigl to hire a stylist! There are elements of this outfit that could be amazing, but she just has no clue on how to put things together. Hot mess! 2. Jordan looks cheap and ridiculous, combining sweatpants and a t shirt with a luxe fur shawl and headpiece. Ew! 1. R&B performer Jessie J gets in touch with her inner goth drag queen. Not the hottest look we have ever seen - by far! Don't try this at home!
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